The Worst Sin

Weekly Sabbath Survey
 The Worst Sin —  2-25–2017
Have you ever thought about what the worst sin might be? Jesus said it was blasphemy of the Holy Spirit. Could it be we blaspheme when we provoke God in times of struggle and stress, instead of trusting Him? We grieve Him by being angry, turning our backs on Him rather than running to Him. It can happen and it did. Psalm 78 is an ancient ‘country song’ about stupid people disobeying and disrespecting YHVH in the WORST way: they limited Him from helping them. People still do this ALL THE TIME. Even some who call themselves Believers. Their behavior betrays them and reveals what is in their hearts.
Taking from Ps. 78: They were stubborn and rebellious. Their hearts were not right with YHVH. They were not steadfast. (Verse 8). The archers of the tribe of Ephraim deserted in the day of battle. They broke covenant with God. They did not walk in His laws and forgot His works and wonders that He had shown them. (Verse 9-11) It goes on from there! Then they remembered God, but they didn’t repent at all! They turned their back, tempted Almighty God again, and limited the Holy One of Israel. (Verse 4) That’s about as bad as it gets. They even worshipped pagan gods. (Verse 58) This is a portrayal of many of today’s Christians.
Manassah and Ephraim were Joseph’s sons born to his Egyptian wife. When it was time to give the family blessing, their grandfather Jacob (Israel) insisted on giving the First Born blessing to the younger boy—not unheard of, but not usual. The Lord had something special for this boy. The rabbis have taught for many years that Ephraim represents the Gentles who feared the Lord God through the ages, and in modern times, we Christians.
I met a Christian woman who lived many years in Israel. She told me she had a conversation at a bus stop with an old Jewish man. She asked him if it bothered him that the Christian tourists swarmed all over Israel like they do. He smiled and with a twinkle in his eye said, “No! I don’t mind them at all. Our God told us they would come.”  He quoted Jeremiah 13:6, “There shall be a day when the watchman upon Mt. Ephraim shall cry, Arise and let us go to Zion unto the Lord our God.”  In Hebrew when one says Watchmen, he is speaking of the Christians. Wow! The Jews can see us in their Book, so why can’t we?
So in these times God speaks to the Jews and Gentile Believers who both pledge their allegiance to YHVH. But we still back off, complain, and limit God. The Christians are armed and have weapons of war, because they have Yeshua the Messiah and the full power of Holy Spirit in them. Jewish people have knowledge we Gentiles NEED. We should work together without criticism. In these End Times we are seeing more of this than ever happened before. Jews and Christians doing good works by cooperating with each other. The Messianic Age is arrived!!! Jewish people are beginning to accept Yeshua who is in fact, THEIR King. And Some Believe are realizing we are missing the boat on things of God that we should be doing. And we should study with them and learn what they know of the requirements and benefits of YHVH. Jews and Us must see we are on the same team and should work together and learn from one another!
You can read in Ps. 78 beginning with verse 60. It ends with God choosing David as King. He saved the day, and bought righteousness back to Israel.  David is a “type” of Jesus. When Jesus/Yeshua comes again, He will make everything right!  But for now, we should stop limiting God in today’s world!
I pray you will read Psalm 78 for yourself.  And as you do, don’t just think it’s about  them (the Jews) because it is very much about Christians, as well.  The Bible (ALL of it ) is one size fits all. 


Charlene Reams Manning, Believer in the Lord Jesus Messiah
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