God’s Will

make a difference,Weekly Sabbath Survey
God’s Will  —  12-10-2016


At various times in our Christian lives, the Lord God brings us to a “change point.” It can be a self induced crisis or a God-sent happy change. If we are listening for Him, very good things can come from either situation. The biggest change comes when we are Born Again or have some other serious encounter with the Lord God. At these junctures, we have an up-tick in our thinking, a major shift in direction. We can  be perplexed with just WHAT we are supposed to DO. But we are not human doers but human beings. We should relax and just “be.” Then, we ask, “What is God’s will for my life now?”  I heard a sermon years ago, that explained this so perfectly I have never forgotten it. The exact words escape me, but his Three Main Points are sealed in memory. Here is the foundation for God’s will for every time of your life:
1.    Make a Living.  Fundamental, I know, but it’s surprising how many people don’t do this. They actually work very hard to keep from working a job. Let me say here, wives who stay home to raise a family and/or keep house for a husband are making a living in a different way. And there is no such thing as a ‘house husband.’ If a man is able bodied, he should bring in at least part of the living. When I was single and self-supporting, I learned what it meant to make a living. For the first time in my life there was no one else responsible for my needs. Every bite of good, article of clothing, utility— paid for by ME.  Making a Living.
2.    Make a Life.  There are people who work, come home and do chores, fix a microwave meal and sit down in front of the TV. Five days a week. On weekends they sleep, eat, sleep more. In church the day of this sermon, I realized I was doing No. 1 and 3, but not this one. I did not have a LIFE. On Friday night I ordered pizza for my special treat supper, and mostly did not open my front door again until Monday morning. Days at a time my phone didn’t ring. I had recently began attending this church. Week after week a few people would smile a hello, shake my hand and move on. I watched them loving each other, hugging each other, and felt even more isolated and alone. So, right after this sermon by a visiting preacher, the music leader announced they were forming a choir and needed people to try out. I became a part of the choir, singing tenor with the guys! I got to know people. I joined a home group. Making a Life.
3.    Make a Difference.  Many of us think all ministry takes place in church. If they can’t preach, sing, teach Sunday School or be a greeter, they DO nothing. Because of the way the Lord brought me along, my ministry has been to preach, teach and write. But when I was single in San Antonio, the office became my ministry field. I would start by name dropping in the break room, “I thank the Lord for this job and for you girls for helping me get settled in.” Over time other Christians shared their faith with me, and even ones not saved would ask me to pray for their needs. I became the “chaplain” every where I worked. More than once, someone came and told me of their back-slidden condition. They were saved, but living like The World!  At one firm, an attorney asked my advice and for me to pray for whatever he had going on. Twice God gave me a prophetic word for him. Making a Difference.
Anyone who has come to saving grace in Jesus can tell what happened to them. Your story is your witness. Your message is simple: “Jesus loves me. This I know.” If you step out in this simplicity, our Lord God will give you strength and you may grow into ministries you never dreamed of. Be faithful with what you have right now. For tips on what the possibilities are, read Mark 16:15-20. It would be helpful to ask the Lord for the Holy Spirit Power. The verse below literally happened to me. From my hometown the Lord took me to places in Texas and several other states and a foreign country. I did “exploits” just like the Bible says we will do! It has been amazing.
You will receive power after the Holy Spirit has come over you, and you will be my witness in Del Rio, all over Texas, around the U.S., and into the farthest parts of the Earth.  Acts 1:8
Charlene Reams Manning, Believer in the Lord Jesus Messiah                                                     
Copyright  July 2016

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