What We Look At

Weekly Sabbath Survey
What  We Look At —  11-5-2016
With election day upon us, I felt compelled to offer something pertinent to this nauseating event that ends months of continual bad stuff. This was written last summer, but seems to be on point today.
Most people view life and circumstance one of two ways: Some focus on what we call The Big Picture, and others on the minutia and many facets of The Details. Most big accomplishments happen when a team of several people are made up of both types. Their insights do not oppose one another, they complement, especially if nobody is trying to take all the credit. Both view points are necessary and valid.
Those who focus purely on the big picture see everything from Eden forward and recognize that most of it was BAD. They can become jaded. They are in doom and gloom mode all the time. Seeing and knowing and thinking about all the sin, the corruption, the inhumanity of humans over thousands of years, even one’s own sin, in time will overwhelm the cheeriest Pollyanna. Nobody could maintain joy when focusing on nothing but the worst of human history.
But there is also a danger in excessive emphasis on the details. Some of us ‘see’ too much detail of our own corruption, our family and friends, and the ordinary awful things that keep happening around us. We absorb the hurt of others and everything is very personal. This can be as bad or worse than the big picture people being overwhelmed with world history. Detail people can drown themselves in the local TV news. They take in everything and ‘own’ the sorrow of the details. Recently I became overwhelmed myself with deaths of friends and family, divorce and so forth, in my own sphere of acquaintance. Didn’t leave much brain space for the presidential debates! Might be a good thing.
Today evil and sin seem to be more powerful, prolific, wicked, worldwide, even up close and personal. The Bible calls it “throwing off restraint.” More and better ways to kill each other with soldiers in wars and criminals idiots on our hometown streets. The daily news media frenzy over anything sordid they can find. People are caught up in it and can do nothing but weep over what is going on!  Movies, TV,  ‘Shades of Gray’ books. Unrighteousness and chaos from the devil himself packaged as entertainment!
I want to caution those of us who are really trying remain aware and alert and still maintain a merry heart. We are connecting the dots—-a straight line from today’s news to the Book of Revelation, and so forth.  We must not allow what we read, observe, even what we hear from God to pull us into either of the two extremes. What we dwell on, what we think, what we see and stare at, is what fills us. Every day, no matter what happens, what takes our time and energy, we MUST focus on The Lord God. Behold Him Face to Face, in private prayer and worship (can’t wait for Sunday when we’re on the ropes on Monday!). We are filled with Him by staring at Him. Line in a love song: Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You. We must Turn our eyes upon Jesus! Seeing Him, acknowledging Him should begin and end every day that we live!
Further, we must remind ourselves that ALL is working together to accomplish God’s plan for the eventual demise of Earth and the return of Messiah. His plan marches on every day, somewhere, no matter what. It is all working together for GOOD for those who love His appearing. The secret is to find His plan for our own life, and get into that plan. Cooperate with God. Always with our eyes on the prize: Jesus.
The search for truth and understanding of the times we live in is good. It can bring us perspective and useful information. But once we have truth and understanding: we will be amazed that once again, we have found Jesus, the one who said, I am the Way, the TRUTH and the Life.
The One who testifies of these things says, Surely, I come quickly.  Amen.  Even so, come, Lord Jesus.  Revelation 22:20


Charlene Reams Manning, Believer in the Lord Jesus Messiah                                                     
Copyright  July 2016
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