What are You In or Into?

Weekly Sabbath Survey
What Are You In or Into? —  10-29-2016
No matter who we are, we are all in some situation, some stage of life. Some things we are in are in something else. Example: you are in a marriage that is in an extended family. That could be a whole other sermon by itself!!)  Then there are interests or pursuits that we might say we are “into.”
About 40 years ago my Daddy’s baby sister and her hubby (now in their 80’s) went with a group of church friends on a charter bus trip. The first night at the hotel there was a time of mingling with other guests around the pool. It was a pretty rowdy crowd for the traveling Baptists who did not do “al-kee-hawl.” But my uncle is a real witness for the Lord. He kept introducing himself and chatting up folks to see if there might be an open door. In the course of conversation, one woman said, “We are really into disco now.”  My uncle, I think frustrated with the scene, said enthusiastically, “Oh, we are, too!!”  My aunt gave him a disapproving nudge under the table, but kept smiling. Back then, Baptists didn’t DANCE, especially not DISCO!
Our lives are lived in this world in the Lord! He’s got the whole world in His hands. Life is a serious business. Different people are into different things, good and bad. But in all things, the Lord is there with us, for every happy and beautiful time, like the day you married the love of your life. And He is there even in those fiery furnace times as He was with the three Hebrew boys, like the day a dear loved one died. The places we go and things we do characterize our lives. Some things come and go, others are with us for a lifetime. Some things we choose and others are thrust upon us. What we do day by day is our life. What we choose, and how we live with the things we didn’t choose, will determine the legacy we leave behind. Our behavior, what we did, will surely be remembered by others. What we do in this life echoes in eternity.
I’m giving thought myself as I write, about what all I am in and into. To say I am both in and into Jesus would be an understatement. He, The Father, Holy Spirit and their Book are the very center of my life. I’m in my ministry of writing and of being a close friend and/or mentor to a few sisters in the Lord. I’m in my family and circle of friends, as time and distance will allow. I love all of them, near and far. I am in and into my home—my house, Hens Acre Farm, and Texas. I am very into my dogs and my chickens. I’m into my once gorgeous prize-deserving Geranium I’ve had for six years, since we moved to Hens Acre Farm. It got accidentally left outside to freeze a little 3 times last winter. It has recovered somewhat, me giving it a lot of TLC through Summer. I love it, so I’m still working to bring it back to its former glory.
Everybody is in and into various things. Being in something implies a location or entity or frame of mind. Into is similar but has the implication of something we are interested in or taken with, could be a location (I’m into Texas) or a fad (I’m into chicken decor) or something more spiritual (I’m into healing music). Whether we are in or into something by choice or by chance,

God watches over us and helps us in the midst of what we might just call “life.”  He is there to guard and guide, and always wants the best for us. In the worst circumstance of our own making, He is The Father, waiting for the Prodigal to come home.

So, what are you, my readers, in and into?  Maybe you have a situation so emotionally shattering it seems to overwhelm you every minute of the day. The Lord is in it with you. Or, maybe you have adopted some pass time, joined a club, got a new friend that you know is not for you. Jesus is with you. You could be in a crushingly bitter dispute with a friend or family member, even into the Court Room. The Father is with you. Or you may have won the lottery, just closed a big business deal, got promoted to an awesome job, or have otherwise come into a new and positive situation. The Holy Spirit is with you, as well. We may be up, we may be down, but still, He never leaves us, never forsakes us.
Where could I go to be away from Your Spirit? Or, where could I run from Your presence? If I rise up into the heavens, You are there: if I made my bed in hell, I would look and there Your are! If I flew away in the morning and went to live far across the sea; even there Your hand would lead me, and Your right hand would hold me.  Psalm 139:7-10


Charlene Reams Manning, Believer in the Lord Jesus Messiah                                                     
Copyright  July 2016
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