Here Comes the Bride—

Weekly Sabbath Survey
Here Comes The Bride —  10-22-2016
In December 2015, I did a WSS on The Bride. It’s a subject that comes around often with much speculation. I wrote from the understanding I had at that time, what I felt the Lord was showing me. But as I have moved along and am in some serious study from a better perspective, I have some new understanding on the  subject. (It seems we learn line upon line, precept upon precept, just the way the Bible says we should!) The Lord teaches us what we can understand at the time. Later, it doesn’t necessarily mean it wasn’t true. It might just be time to learn a new perspective, gain a clearer understanding.
Many new born Christians want to start right off being The Bride. They may even be taught by others that they are now part of The Bride. Most teachers say little about starting at the beginning and going up from there. We want to think we are all equal in the Lord, as soon as we are Born Again. But, we are not. Does God have favorites?  Well, once He said, “I love Jacob, but I hate Esau.”  OK . . . so does that mean some of us are destined for greater opportunities than others? More loved than others?  (See John 3:16 for the love thing!) All of us are destined for great things, but we achieve is according to 1) our God-given abilities and giftings, 2) God’s plan for our life, and 3) how diligently we pursue THAT plan (not ours!)  Esau was the older twin and got the big first born inheritance. Jacob only got the leftovers, and he was not loved by his father. He and his dear Mama were determined to make something of him. He was a hard worker and seemed to understand ‘the violent take the kingdom by force’ way before Jesus said it. Esau was willing to give his birthright to Jacob in trade for some chili & beans, because he was really hungry. His inheritance didn’t mean much to him. Jacob was ambitious (maybe even a little devious) and willing to plan ahead for his future. Esau was a person who dwelt in the moment, the immediate needs of his flesh. God’s love for one and disdain for the other could be more about how the choices made than Him picking a favorite.
When a person comes to the Lord, accepts Jesus, they are a BABY Believer. (It is widely accepted that brides are grown girls/women.) God saves us, has His servants bring us up and train us to become servants. It is a progression in our Christian walk as we go from foreigner (Gentile) to servant to a child  in God’s family (Israel) and THEN to wife of His own Son. Each step is going up higher. BUT, we can stop at any level. We can make the decision to stay where we are. Each step up is more difficult than the ones before. The higher we climb, the steeper the mountain becomes. As the way gets steeper, the people climbing are fewer, so there isn’t as much comradery and fellowship like in the lower levels. The way is lonely much of the time.
Many people will be too timid, too fearful, too busy, too content, to ever be a member of The Bride. Others are caught up in things of the world, may be indulging in secret sin. This inhibits their growth in the Lord. And it is NOT God’s will for people to sit around praying and being spiritual while neglecting their families. Kids have to be cared for, meals cooked and grass mowed. Any amount of time a person manages to spend in real devotion to God or service in Jesus will not escape divine notice!
The God Chasers, the Elijah People, the Sons of Zadok, all those over-the-top-pursuing-God like the Shulamite pursued King Solomon, the ‘Much Afraid’ ones who follow the Shepherd up the mountain like in Hinds Feet in High Places, the weeping worshippers who kneel at the feet of Jesus and wash them with their tears; those who serve when it is convenient and when it is not, those who keep their word to the Lord and others even when it hurts: all these are ones who will probably make up The Bride. These are the Full-time Fanatics who give it their all, pushing harder every chance they get to go further up the mountain.
One parting thought: I suspect many who ARE part of The Bride don’t even know it. They are humble, committed to their Kingdom duties, busy being about The Father’s business. No time for planning a wedding! Only God knows our final status in the next life. And we are still writing our story, our future, as long as we are on Earth! I ask Father to let me to be a servant to His people here, now.
When the servants of King David came to Abigail, they said, David has sent us to take you to him to be his wife.” She bowed herself with her face to the ground and said, “Let your handmaiden be a servant to wash the feet of the servants of my king.” 1 Samuel 25:40-41 


Charlene Reams Manning, Believer in the Lord Jesus Messiah                                                     
Copyright  June 2016
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