Deceived Believers

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Deceived Believers  —  9-24-2016
The word “deception” crops up in my world often these days, I feel there is confusion about what deception is and how it works. Especially The Great Deception. To be deceived means someone ‘fooled’ you. You believed something you were told or taught, but it was not true. It was a lie. And you were deceived. It doesn’t make you a fool. It just means you got snookered. Eve is sort of the Queen of the Deceived. She was fooled by the best, the Deceiver himself, that ol’ snake, the devil. There is also a deception when we refuse to believe what is true. In that case, we are deceiving ourselves. It is easier to believe a lie we want to hear than it is to believe a truth we don’t want to hear. And I have noticed many times people who tell lies are more persuasive than ones who are telling the truth. It’s as old as the beginning of time, when God told His two kids the truth and the devil lied to them.
A while back, I was talking with a friend who was part of our home group in San Antonio years ago. She relayed this story. It was Bible study and the leader went around the room asking each person what was their prayer concern. When her turn came, my friend said, “I have a concern on my heart about deception. I’m praying that we Christians won’t be deceived in these End Times.” The leader immediately and emphatically said, “We are Born Again and have the Holy Spirit! We cannot be deceived!!!”  I was shocked! I’ve heard all kinds of false doctrines floating around these days, but the “we cannot be deceived” one is something NEW to me. Within a very few days, I heard this same thing from someone else in a completely different circle of friends. I mentioned in conversation a big conference coming up and the Lord had shown me some people in the leadership were deceivers, not what they appeared to be. I told this friend the people involved in this were in a venue of deception,a bad spirit behind the whole thing. The friend came back with, “I happen to know some of the men involved in the planning of this event are Born Again!”  I said no more, assuming my friend thought with Born Again people in the leadership all was well, because Born Again people cannot be deceived.
My dear readers, PLEASE, please, hear this: There is nothing further from the truth than saying a Born Again person cannot be deceived. That is a lie. And if you believe it, you are deceived already! Here is the truth: Every habitual liar is a deceiver. Every person who believes his/her lies has been deceived. I have been deceived by friends, salesmen, horse traders, piano tuners, appliance repair guys, and even pastors! Every one of those were no doubt persons who lied often and were good at it. That being said, if ordinary people can deceive us all the time, when the Great Deception rolls down the line, the Antichrist and False Prophet debuting it, how could anybody think it will be so easy to keep from being DECEIVED BY THEM?!  Some believe we will be raptured before this awful time comes. We cannot be deceived because we’re not here. However, the pertinent verses in Matthew clearly indicate God’s elect will be present when the Great Deception is unveiled. God gave us discernment, but we must learn how to use it!
The devil has deceptively packaged strategies ready to use in a counter attack on God’s plans for Believers. They are alternative plans for us, contrary to God’s plan. Some of them are already operating in false doctrines that have wormed their way into mainstream Christianity. Think Garden of Eden and remind yourself—some things never change.  Satan’s cleverly crafted plan will SOUND and LOOK good. It will be multi-faceted to appeal to most any of us. “Take one from Column A, two from B, and behind this curtain I have  . . .” Only those who are fully exercising discernment in Holy Spirit Power will stand a chance. Those who are wearing rose-colored-glasses, in deep naivety, with no measurable amount of discernment, will be  utterly defenseless in the face of what is coming in this Great Deception.
But, don’t take my word for it. Paraphrased below is the understanding of original Hebraic words in Matthew, Jesus speaking of the very troublesome end of the End Times:
There will be Great Tribulation such as was never known before on Earth. If the Lord does not shorten those days, no one will survive. But for the sake of God’s chosen ones, the elect, those days will be shortened. False Messiahs and false prophets will arise, and they will show great signs and wonders and miracles. It is a deception so strong it will be possible for even those among God’s chosen elect to be deceived, fooled and lead astray.  Matthew 24:21-24
Pay attention!  I have warned you ahead of time.  Matthew 24:25
Charlene Reams Manning, Believer in the Lord Jesus Messiah                                                     
Copyright  June 2016
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One thought on “Deceived Believers

  1. Just curious as to what your feelings on the following verse are.
    Matthew 24:24
    For there shall arise false Christs and false prophets and shall produce great attesting miracles and miracles that arouse amazement, so as to deceive if that were possible, which it is not, even the chosen-out ones.

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