Weekly Sabbath Survey
Audacity —  9-17-2016
Audacity:  intrepidly daring, adventurous, recklessly bold; a disregard for “normal” or status quo.
This particular character trait is good if you’re a mountain climber or one of those folks who parachutes off cliffs with what appears to be an over-sized garbage bag for a sail. But most people today look at audacity as “excessive swagger, being overly confident, and /or contemptuous.”  That this would be the second definition Webster gives for the word. Audacity.
There were 11 certain men and over 100 other men, women, and even a teenager who for the most part had stuck with Jesus through everything. Then, they were in the Upper Room cowering there, terrified after all that had happened surrounding His death and resurrection. In fear they wondered what would happen to them. They had joined a movement whose leader had been murdered by those in power. There own lives might be in jeopardy. What to do next?
On the Day of Pentecost, these same frightened people ‘went public’ into the streets of Jerusalem. It was a major feast time (three majors each year). The city was teeming with Jews from all over the Empire. Many no longer spoke Hebrew or Aramaic, having grown up in other cultures. The 120 Upper Roomers mingled with the crowd, speaking in “tongues” (languages they did not know!), declaring Yeshua was the long awaited Messiah of their people. The entire crowd heard the message of salvation in their own languages. For the previously ‘cowardly lions’ there was no fear, no hesitation. That day, 5,000 people came to the knowledge of Yeshua ha Mashiach!  The long awaited Messiah of their people.
What has happened here?  Audacity. That’s what happened! Or, chuzpah (hoots-pa), as the Jews say today. It’s a Yiddish term for throwing caution and convention to the wind. Audacity. Jesus gave these chosen people and others that came after them, a holy boldness. He infused them with faith and humility that released power by His Holy Spirit. They did great exploits, spreading the message of salvation all over the world. Healed the sick. Raised the dead. Miracles. Reconciling mankind to Almighty God through simple TRUST in His Son. And that first big day is still going on. Somewhere. With US today.
However, there is a caution light here: If we minister in audacity without humility, we are arrogant and our effort is worthless. If we minister in humility without audacity, we are timid and weak, not walking in the power God gave us.
When I first came to Georgetown, I joined a ladies Bible-based social group. We met in a small chapel built on the hillside farm of our leader. We had Bible study and singing in worship, did art work, had meals together, and provided “Christmas” (donations of food and toys) for struggling families. We had great fellowship in the Lord. New people joined from time to time. One came in at first very shy, hardly spoke. But in time she blossomed in that presence of Holy Spirit. She became animated and joyful about her faith and shared with us what God was doing in her life. She began to reach out to people in public, giving them tracts, telling them about Jesus, praying for them. How audacious is that!! One little lady, out there doing that Pentecost thing all on her own. I don’t see her much any more. But, Patsy is still a blessing. She’s an encouragement to me every time I think of her. I pray she never gives up living in Audacious Faith-full Humility.
How daring, reckless and bold are you, dear reader, with your ‘pearl of great price’ — your salvation in Jesus?  Are you sharing the wealth with audacity? Do you make yourself known as a Believer when you first meet someone? Are you doing what you can, where you are, with what God has given you?  I pray that you are. If not, I pray you come to your own time of Pentecost and receive that infusion of power that comes only from Almighty God.
John truly baptized with water,  but you will be baptized with the Holy Ghost soon. You will receive power after the Holy Ghost has come upon you: you shall be witnesses for Me both in Jerusalem, in all Judea, and in Samaria, and into the uttermost parts of the Earth. Acts 1:5, 8


Charlene Reams Manning, Believer in the Lord Jesus Messiah                                                     
Copyright  June 2016
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