Decorate Your Soul

Weekly Sabbath Survey
Decorate Your Soul —  8-20-2016
That title phrase just dropped into my heart. I stopped what I was doing to think about it. What does that mean, Lord?  I saw my soul, that inside part of us that is who we are. It’s like a room where the real ME resides. It can be decorated, and gets makeovers many times in a life as long as mine! We put things in, take things out, even people! I thought back on what decorated my soul at various times. I want to list   things here that have never left me. You may want to think about how you have decorated your soul in the past, and will in the future.
Music.  A memory at age 4 is Mama singing “There’s a wee little nest in the old oak tree, way up high, safe and high” and “the dear mother bird keeps the eggs warm ‘neath her breast.” I cried at the beauty of what my mind could see as Mama sang and we rocked back and forth. Music and song decorate my soul.
Literature:  The first pure, unforgettable joy of heart I got from reading was a children’s story book, a gift from my Mama’s Aunt Annie in North Carolina. I was 5 years old. Mama read the stories to my sister and me. I became a lover of books and reading. Many books have blessed my life, but there is one that I must list here above ALL the others: The Holy Bible. God’s Word decorates and revives my soul.
Art. Coloring and drawing is part of every kid’s growing up days. Later we branch out and find the world of art in paintings and other items of artistic decor. Whatever is lovely and beautiful can decorate our home and our soul. But it is so enjoyable to MAKE art yourself. Simple how-to tips from another person got me started. She was an art major friend when I was at U.T. (Hook ’em, Horns!). I would admire her drawings and one day ‘wished’ out loud that I could do that. She gave me a No. 2 pencil, a page of typing paper, and an artist was born! My singing, playing music, artwork and writing may be amateurish, but they decorate my soul.
Laughter. There are times in life that are so BAD we have only two choices, laugh or cry. Every time I can, I try to laugh. Finding something funny in the worst situation helps us to cope. I love good comedy, like the Carol Burnett Show. I will never forget her walking down the stairs as Scarlet O’Hara dressed in a marvelous hoop-skirted velvet dress with a big brass curtain rod across her shoulders. I laughed until I cried!! What a decoration that was!  I miss that kind of clean TV entertainment.
Animals. Horses, cats, dogs, birds. The first animal I really bonded with was a dog. At the farm, we lived in an old house with no A/C. It was cooler to play outside under the Mesquite trees, and the dog was our companion. Each pet I’ve had over my life decorated my soul in its own way. I have two dogs now and a flock of several breeds of chickens. Very colorful and decorative around here!  Very lively, too.
Nature.  Most everything God has made has potential to decorate. Plants and rocks, trees and gemstones.  I love my garden (yard). It decorates itself AND my soul. Some early dawn mornings there’s a mist that reminds me of the Garden of Eden, so peaceful and beautiful. I also enjoy items made of wood. The surface smoothed by a woodworker’s hands, the grain of the wood in lovely patterns made by the Lord.
Children/Babies.  What a treasured decoration they are! Your own kids and other people’s too. I have 2 sons, a daughter in law, 3 grandchildren to bless my life. Also, I never pass up a chance to hold and admire someone’s newborn miracle. It’s a pure delight to spend a moment ‘sniffing the baby.’
Real Friends.  Some of us never met a stranger and everyone is their friend. I make friends slowly. I want to build trust with the other person. A friend is someone to love, not just shop with or go to the movies. So those people who make it into my inner circle are highly valued. They decorate my soul over and over.
Family. Not everyone is as crazy about family as I am. I love them all. Aunts, cousins, young, old, in-laws, out-laws, alive and gone on! I love family reunions— the catching up, the remembering. These people are a part of who I am. Sharing a heritage is a very strong bond. Each person decorates my soul uniquely.
I urge you readers here to find things around you of beauty, happiness and peace: things to cherish, the memories they made for you. Take them, and decorate your soul.


Charlene Reams Manning, Believer in the Lord Jesus Messiah                                                     
Copyright June 2016
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