Never Enough Time

Weekly Sabbath Survey

Never Enough TIme —  7-9-2016
Someone said, “There will never be enough time for all you want to do; there will never be enough time for all others want you to do. But there will ALWAYS be enough time for what the Lord wants you to do.”
I have always led a pretty busy life. It began with being involved with parents and extended family as a  child. When I was 14, I got my driver’s permit, at 15, I got a car. My independent, busy life was roaring ahead now!  At 19, I was married. Soon I was the mother of two little boys, the maker of all kinds of homemade goodies. I taught Sunday School. Soon, as my sons grew up, our family was living a very outdoorsy life in the country with horses, chickens and 4H sheep. In 1977, our church going accelerated into a real spiritual life through a close encounter of The Jesus Kind. Every summer for 10 years we spent a week at Christian Family Camp. Our vacation was with the Lord and friends we saw there every year. Life was good. Life was busy.
It seems sometimes we must prayerfully make priorities in what we are doing. If we spread ourselves too thin, we can lose out on the goodness it all. Things can become too frantic to even be enjoyed. At a high school basketball game a few years ago I heard a young boy say, “My mom thinks I don’t see her messing with her coupons, working on her grocery list while I’m playing, but I do.”  She was at her son’s activities, but was she really there?  The worst part of this priority thing is the “what the Lord wants us to do” part is very likely at the bottom of the list. The voice of ‘me, my time, my things I have to do’ and the voices of other people can drown out the soft and tender voice of Jesus. This happens in such a slow and subtle way, one day we may wonder when we prayed last, or when we opened our Bible except in a church meeting.
Americans are all about keeping busy. With our time-saving devices, we have more time to cram things into our already frantic schedule. We have to schedule recreation times and I have heard of couples who put their romantic times on the calendar! Those of us who work have less time off from the job than most other modern nations of the world. We run so we can make more money, so we can spend more money. A pastor once said, “I have stood by the bedside of several dying men. Not one of them ever said ‘I wish I had spent more time at work.’ But several wished they had spent more time with their wife and children.”
I learned early on to make the Lord and my time with Him my first priority, For many years it has been my habit to make the Lord and the things of the Lord the first activity in my day. I’ve heard this called ‘giving the Lord the firstfruits of the day.’  Jesus rose early in the morning to go aside alone and pray. David said he would seek God early. My alone morning time is for praying, reading, and writing. It gets my feet going in the right direction for the rest of my day.
Remember back in the Stone Age, a piece of jewelry you wore on your left wrist that told the time?  Each morning we would put on our rings and wind our watch. The watch ran all day and night with that one winding. What a great plan! God has a winding for us plan. We give Him time early in the morning and He winds us up for the day. Winding powers the timing mechanism of the watch, and when God winds us, we have power for the day. But just like a wind-up watch, our spiritual inner being will slow down and even stop if not wound regularly. Some people are happy as an 8-Day clocks: a weekly winding on Sunday is good for them. I’m more like a watch. I need winding every day.
My voice You shall hear in the morning, O Lord; in the morning I will direct my prayer unto You, and will look up. Psalm 5:3


Charlene Reams Manning, Believer in the Lord Jesus Messiah                                                     
Copyright  March 2016
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