It’s Our Choice


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It’s Our Choice —  6-4-2016
As I have researched the Jew vs. Greek mentality, I am dumbfounded at the depth and severity of this problem today. When truth breaks through, we want to reject what doesn’t fit with what we have thought our whole life. But, prayerfully in humility, we can sense deeply when we are hearing real truth. Jesus said, “You will know the truth and the truth will set you free.”  Truth brings times of ‘out with the old wine skins’ and in with the new. It happens so often, over time we got a name for it: Revival. But truth and reformation are frequently ‘inconvenient’. Even when we believe it! Somebody said Status Quo is Latin for “the mess we’re in.” I’ve heard,”It pays to serve the Lord.” But in my own life, I see it COSTS to serve God. It costs to make the right choice, to act on what we know to be true. Please read carefully the following below, excerpted from the writings of several people. It really is a choice. ~CRM
There is Hebraism (from God) and Hellenism (from Greeks). It is between these two points of philosophy and influence that our world moves. The Bible (Old and New) in its original languages is a product of the Hebrew mind as their culture evolved from serving Yahweh for centuries. The first and original manifestation of what we now call “church” was also an expression of the Hebrew mind and culture. At some point in ecclesiastical history, the inceptive God-given Hebraic blueprint was snatched away. We lost what Judaism and the Jesus’ movement were made of, and ‘The Congregation of Jesus’ was replaced with a Gentile organization. What we have now is at best a caricature of what was intended. In many respects, it is downright contrary and antagonistic to the understanding of the original community of Believers.
One of the fundamental differences with the Hellenistic (Gentile) mind and the Hebrew mind is in the area of knowing vs. doing. The Hebrew is concerned with doing, the Greek, with knowledge. Right conduct is the ultimate concern for Hebrew, right thinking concerns the Greek. Duty and strictness of conscience are the paramount things in the life of Hebrews; for the Greeks, it was the spontaneous and luminous play of the intelligence. The Hebrew thus extols the moral virtues as the substance and meaning of life. The Greek subordinates them to the value of intellectual understanding. The contrast is between the moral man and the theoretical or intellectual man. [Find your duty and do it, as opposed to if it feels good do it.~CRM]

This helps explain why so many Christian churches are so focused on the issues of doctrinal orthodoxy, however, they may define it, often at the expense of Godly living. In many Christian circles, what one believes or espouses is treated as more important than how one lives. Greek teachers back when even said  nothing we did in the body is a sin because our spirit was saved no matter what our flesh was doing. This was argued in defense of unethical business practices, fornication in the idols’ temples, and so forth. 

The argument amongst the original brethren started soon after Gentiles were accepted into their fellowship. Paul tried to be the bridge between the two positions, saying sound doctrine was very important, but how they lived their ‘religion’ was an example of who they were in  Jesus. Soon enough, the Hellenists out-numbered the Hebrews in the congregations, and the “Pauline Doctrine” was developed. It was named for the old Jewish Pharisee, but the doctrine bore little resemblance to what that Lion of God was teaching the arrogant, former pagan, so-called, “Christians.” It was these Gentile Christians, influenced by Greek philosophy and  paganism, who both intellectualized and systematized Christian doctrine. [They tried to make cookie-cutter church. ~CRM]  Every reformation by man and revival by God was an attempt to address the wrongs that were done. We made some progress, but too many times, that little bit of yeast from the old building is taken to the new location, and we are polluted by it again and again.

Now, in our time, it appears the Head of The Congregation, Yeshua Messiah, is going full speed ahead to return at least some of His remnant to the original blueprint. Led by the Holy Spirit, much is being restored to many Gentile Believers, beginning with an awareness of their foundations in the Jewish faith. It takes various forms here and there as people gather and try to respond to what they hear from God, working it out the best they know how.

Beloved, work out your own salvation [deliverance] with fear and trembling. For it is God who works in you both to desire and to do, what pleases Him. Philippians 2:12-13 


Charlene Reams Manning, Believer in the Lord Jesus Messiah                                                     
Copyright  May 2016
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