Fate or Destiny?

Weekly Sabbath Survey
Fate or Destiny? —  6-11-2016
These two terms are close in definition but there is subtle difference. FATE: an inevitable, sometimes adverse outcome or end. ‘Fatalism’ is a belief that events in life are fixed in advance in such a way we human beings are powerless to change it. DESTINY: a predetermined course thought to be an irresistible power. ‘Destination’ is a place set for the end of a journey. We have some clues that the two things are not the same. There is an element of adversity with fate, a compelling ‘power’ with destiny.
The entire human race is destined to live with God in eternity, created for it. God made this covenant with us, extending an offer some of us find hard to refuse! We answer ‘yes’ to His offer and enter into His covenant. BUT, even with the gentle but powerful call of Holy Spirit going over the whole earth, there are some who will make the God-given choice to refuse to hear. They miss their destiny and go forward with their FATE. It’s one of the other, nothing in between. Humans are powerless before fate because they have refused the power of destiny.
So, what about those of us who heed the call and accept Jesus and His power in our lives? He energizes our lives every day, as we keep moving toward our final destination. But there are many lesser destinations for us as we go along. It’s that ‘more’ so many of us are looking for. We have a divine discontentment with status quo, as we hunger and thirst for righteousness. There was a song years ago, “I want more of Jesus.” It’s a good song and a worthy goal. Think of the disciples. Scholars say there was at least 500 faithful who had pledged their lives to Jesus before He ascended to heaven. These people understood His message and were personally acquainted with Him, not just part of the crowd. Then there were about 120 in the upper room on the Day of Pentecost who received a second infusion of power. Then there were ‘the women’ and The Twelve, about 20 people who qualified as best friends of the Lord. Then Peter, James and John. They were privy to things no one else got to see or hear. And then, John, who laid his head on Jesus’ chest at supper. His brag was “Jesus loves me, this I know.”
I believe each of these groups of people typify levels of understanding and service to be achieved in our quest for “Just a closer walk with Thee.” Remember that sweet, old song? It is likely all that group of 500 or more went on to serve Him mightily and no doubt many gave their lives in that service. The destiny we have in Jesus, before the final one in heaven, is hinged on the choices we make when He calls. The calls are compelling, but answering ‘yes’ is not mandatory. It is always our free-will choice.
Moses answered God’s calls and obeyed His voice. He got to SEE God face to face. Then, one day God called him to walk up on the highest mountain he had ever climbed. There, he saw the Promise Land that he would not be permitted to enter (because of one temper flare too many!) From there, he viewed the Land of Milk and Honey, and then, he stepped into his most glorious destiny of all: eternity.
How high have you climbed since you got saved? Are you still picnicking at the foot of the first hill? If so, I urge you to take hold of the next step in your destiny!  We who have turned our backs on ‘fate’ and accepted our destiny in Jesus must get on with it!!  The following thoughts excerpted from Lost in Translation, Vol 1, by John Klein and Adam Spears says it beautifully:
Today, many Believers think you can get saved and have all the intimacy [with the Lord] you will ever need by accepting the free gift, with no additional effort on your part. But salvation is only the beginning — it’s only the first step toward establishing the intimacy that God desires. At that moment (or very soon thereafter), He gives to each one of us the choice of increasing the maturity and intimacy of our relationship with Him. This is the reality that many seem to miss.
Philippians 2:12 says, “work out your salvation [literally ‘work out your success, terms of relationship, or obligations of covenant’; i.e., purity] with fear and trembling [earnestness and urgency].”
Charlene Reams Manning, Believer in the Lord Jesus Messiah                                                     
Copyright  April 2016
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