That Thing


Weekly Sabbath Survey
That Thing —  5-28-2016
It happens very often with Believers in Jesus, even some very devoted and dedicated servants of God. We have some Secret Sin have hidden away. We have told no one. One example could be the very addictive pass-time of pornography, or the occasional adultery, or quick snort of cocaine. The devil can offer us things that seem better, more pleasurable or powerful, than what God has for us. It doesn’t matter what our particular THING might be. It is something we know is wrong, but refuse to give up.
I read a magazine article years ago about this problem. The author called what many Christians have hidden away “That Thing.” They are ashamed of it, but at the same time, they cling to it, go back to it again and again. He told of some American pastors on a missionary trip. They visited a small village to minister to the people, bring over-the-counter medical supplies, and to especially encourage the pastor. The first night was spent with the men introducing themselves and speaking briefly and the people singing. The worship was beautiful and the people were very eager to see the missionaries. It was a long day and the men retired early to their hut. Once alone, one spoke up and said he sensed something very wrong in this place. He felt the pastor spoke too harshly in his native language to his family and the people. He seemed angry, impatient, unloving. The others had seen it as well. They prayed for the Lord to reveal what was wrong.
The next morning the plan was for a time of to pray for healing of minor injuries or all who were sick and give out medical supplies. But first, they came to the pastor’s hut for a breakfast meal. During that time, the men kept exchanging glances. It seemed all of them were horribly uncomfortable, and it wasn’t just the mysterious food they were eating. Later, the healing and medicating of the sick went along without a single person healed by God. The men had done this type of work several times on the mission field, and always had a move of Holy Spirit among the impoverish native Believers. But not that day! They went back to their hut, prayed again, and felt strongly there was something wrong with the pastor or in his family.
They joined the pastor’s family again before the evening service. One of the men told them they were sensing something evil in the village. They had great concern. The wife began to weep quietly. The pastor looked like he might faint, but said nothing. His mother-in-law finally said, “It is because of That Thing!”  At this, the pastor wailed loudly. His wife told them that when the first missionaries came years ago, they accepted Jesus. A big fire was made for the burning of carved wooden statues of their gods. Everyone in the village threw their idols into the fire. But the pastor kept one back. It was a god his mother loved dearly and when she was dying she gave it to him. He hid it in a small storage basket behind other items. He and his wife argued about it constantly. She told him the people he led were all more righteous than he was because of That Thing. She blamed him that bad things happened, crops that didn’t grow and the constant poverty.
The pastor repented and begged forgiveness. Much prayer later, that evening there was another fire. The pastor burned up That Thing. The Americans returned to the village two years later and found it blessed and thriving. The pastor lived only a few years after the last fire, but he served with love and saw many miracles done with his flock before he went to his reward.
What might be your THING, dear reader?  What do you think you’re hiding from God?  Your Pet Sin you can’t give rid of?  Do you think He doesn’t know? The only way out is to repent before Him and get rid of “That Thing.” Let the holy fire of God burn it up, so you can’t ever go back to it again. Loose yourself in the name of Jesus and go free!
If your right hand or foot or your eye causes you to sin, you must get rid of it immediately. It is better to go into eternal life crippled or one-eyed than to be thrown into eternal fire.  Matthew 18:8-9


Charlene Reams Manning, Believer in the Lord Jesus Messiah                                                     
Copyright  January 2016
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