No Regrets

no regrets

Weekly Sabbath Survey
No Regrets —  4-30-2016
We are all aware of the word redemption. Believers are “The Redeemed of the Lord.”  The blood of Jesus redeemed us from sin. Years ago, when I was a pastor, I had a card table I ‘bought’ with trading stamps (S & H Green stamps) The table had a piece of tape stuck to the underside that said, “redeemed”. This indicated I was not stealing it when I left the store with it. One Sunday I was having a bad day, and one of my people went over to the folded table leaning against a wall. She removed the tape and stuck it on my blouse. She said, “This tape needs to be on something besides a 10-year-old card table!”  Everybody got a good laugh, even me, but mine was through tears. I needed to be reminded that I was redeemed!
A few years later, rather than keeping on trying to heal our ailing marriage, my husband and I got divorced. We were in a place of great despair. I think the divorce was sort of a mercy killing. But even that is still “murder” and just not right. For me, it seemed to help at first, but in time, I came to regret it very much.

But I clunked along, trying to make sense of my life. I was in a new town, living single, self-supporting for the first time ever. My grown boys were hurt by the breakup, but that was helped over the years by the fact that my husband was still my friend and we were still “family.” He was like a brother to me. We still cared for each other. I kept going step by step, happy some of the time, lonely at other times, and living with regret at all times. One day in prayer, I told the Lord (again) how sorry I was for the hurt to everyone by the worst decision ever made. I heard His voice clear as a bell for the first time in a long time. He said, “You are forgiven. Do not speak of this again. I want you to stop being a Survivor. I want you to be an Overcomer. And, I want you to live out the rest of your life with no looking back and NO REGRETS.”
I mulled it over for 2-3 days. Was that really You, Lord? I wondered how I would get rid of regret. It was always there. Doing that would mean I had forgiven myself! Could I really do that? But, if God forgave me, who am I to keep myself in a prison of unforgiveness???  (Many thoughts of my head!)
That weekend, my sister came from our hometown for a visit there in San Antonio. When I got home from work I met my sister at her daughter’s house. They had been to the mall. As I sat down at the kitchen table, my sister reached in her purse and said, “I got these perfume samples today. Pick some you want to try.” The perfumes were in little glass vials attached to a cardboard cover. They looked kind of like a matchbook.
I reached for one. It was upside down, so I turned it over to see the name. It was: NO REGRETS. I just stared at it. My heart and my stomach both did that funny thing they do when you are dumbstruck. I felt the Holy Spirit come over me and I began to weep. No sobs. Just me sitting with my head bowed and the tears falling silently on the kitchen table as my sister chattered on. She realized I was crying and asked what was wrong. I couldn’t speak because my heart was too busy thanking God. I shook my head and kept on crying, clinging to the perfume. She took it out of my hand to see what had started all this. When she saw, she understood immediately and didn’t say a word until I was able to speak myself, through what was now, sobbing.
I never felt anything like that before or since. What a God!!!  He spoke to me in my spirit and then used my sister to give confirmation that what I heard really was Him. There were probably 6-7 perfumes she pushed across the table, but He caused my hand to choose the exact one. (He leadeth me!)  And who would think to name a perfume “No Regrets”?
My healing in this is complete. If those old feelings try to creep in, I think of that great day when extreme redemption came for the rest of my life. I thank God the redeemed of the Lord do not survive, they overcome. And, they live a life of no regrets because the blood at the cross blotted out our mistakes, our stupidity, our faithlessness, our sins, and even our regrets! No matter what, it is ALL gone.
They overcame [the accuser of the brethren] by the blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimony; they loved not their lives unto the death. Revelation 12:10-11



Charlene Reams Manning, Believer in the Lord Jesus Messiah                                                     
Copyright  February 2016
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