The Veil

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The Veil —  4-23-2016

When I joined up with the “Charismaniacs” almost 40 years ago, (I can call them that name, since I am still sort of one of them), the teachers emphasized that we don’t have to go in to the Lord bowing down in great humility, singing ‘such a worm as I’. We can walk through the veil of the Holy of Holies, shoulders back, head high, and tell God what we desire of Him. I began to question the less than worshipful  ‘attitude’ I was seeing. I heard prayers which appeared to not be asking, but actually telling God what to do. Can we or should we, order God around? He isn’t ‘the big man upstairs’ or some other caricature beneath His majesty and eternal power. We serve a Holy God. We don’t get to be angry at Him or pray flippantly with less reverence than a little kid writing a letter to Santa. I knew this back when, BUT, there is as they say, ‘the rest of the story.’ It took me 40 years to get it.

It came in serious study into deeper Hebraic meanings of both Old and New Testaments. The differences may seem small, very subtle, but there is nothing insignificant in God’s truth. Each truth uncovered increases our understanding of Him and equips us to serve Him the way He wants. At times we think up something, then pray for Him to bless it. It is time we stopped making little mud pies for ‘Mommy God’ and start doing some gourmet cooking for ‘Daddy God.’ We have the potential to do Great Exploits in the Lord, but we need the right ammunition for it. That ammo would be TRUTH. First we must fully accept that the NT was written in Hebrew and Aramaic by Jews, to people (Jews and Gentiles) who regarded themselves to be members of a sect in Judaism that based its theology on the teachings of a Jewish Rabbi whose name was (is) Yeshua. The next step for me, was to start reexamining my own understanding from a Hebraic perspective, not the Gentile point of view that I grew up with. I do not minimize the teaching I got in the early years. It was good for that time. But in this End Time more is necessary.

So, about The Veil: In Hebrew understanding, the veil kept ordinary people out of the Holy of Holies to protect them. The high priest went in once a year, ministering to a HOLY GOD, even saying His name out loud. The Holy of Holies was so filled with God that any sin would mean immediate death. The priest prepared himself mentally and spiritually, dressed in clothing God prescribed, and went in bare footed because he was walking on holy ground. Nothing sinful or unholy could come near God’s presence. Ordinary people, even priests not ‘high’ would be incinerated instantly. At the moment Jesus died on the cross, that huge, heavy veil was torn in half from TOP to bottom (by the finger of God?) signaling new access to Him.

So when we think of going into ‘the throne room’, as we Christians call it, we picture Dad up there looking at us through the blood of Jesus, seeing how cute we are. We can sit on His lap and tell Him what we want. But in the Hebrew context, this cannot be. Why? Because they understand they serve A HOLY GOD. Only the High Priest can go in to Him while we are still living on Earth. Not until heaven will we have FULL access to Him. We certainly are all priests [1 Peter 2:9], but there is only one HIGH PRIEST.

We know the touch of God, His presence with us in daily life through Holy Spirit. But His “kabod” glory would consume us like a nuclear blast until we get our new glorified bodies. The very thought makes me want to bow down like a Muslim. They seem to have more reverence for a God they don’t even understand, than we do while believing we understand. Is it high time for us all to put on some humility? God is more impressed by a humble heart than all the sermons we preach, lessons we teach, checks we give, or books we write. He loves us SO much, and is very moved when we reverently love Him back.

So what does it mean in the Bible that we can see God face to face?  The torn veil is like a door opened. We stand in the Holy Place at the threshold, but we can’t put even a TOE on the floor of the Holy of Holies. We can see His face, hear His voice, but the only one who can GO INSIDE is Yeshua. He is without sin, undefiled. We’re without sin by His blood. By ourselves, we’re the same ol’ sinners we always were.

It is fitting for Yeshua to be a High Priest for us–holy, blameless, undefiled. He has been separated from sinners and raised to greater heights than the heavens.  Hebrews 7:26

Charlene Reams Manning, Believer in the Lord Jesus Messiah                                                     

Copyright  April 2016
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One thought on “The Veil

  1. We are to humbly approach Him face down for head touching the ground bum up hands down so to speech. It’s amazing the peace that fills you the sweet presence of God that comes as you truly seek Him in honor that way.

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