Jesus: The Only Door

Weekly Sabbath Survey
Jesus: The Only Door  —  3-26-16
by Kyle Nees
Jesus plainly tells us in Matthew 11:28 to come to His rest! In John 10:7, He says, “I am the door you must enter through.” All too often we fail to see the open door Jesus has made for our entry into His House of Rest. One Sunday morning a red bird appeared in the window at our house of worship. At first everyone was pleasantly distracted by his coming to the window. However, over the course of the next few weeks he would make it his mission to attack every window on our building repeatedly, becoming a nuisance to everyone. I found myself thinking, “The stupid little bird . . .” then, God said to me, “You’ve been like that little bird.” The truth is we have all been like that little bird. He might have found the door of entry, but he was too busy fighting his enemies, or so it would seem! In reality, he wasn’t even looking for the door.
What are you seeking?  Is it the open door of Jesus that brings you into a place of rest, or are you like that little bird? Just what does he see in the glass that keeps him coming back to the place of futility?  He sees himself, but he is most deceived thinking it is his enemy. In his zeal to fight, he is bound by a deception that allows the real enemy to steal what God says is rightfully his.
There is a little ‘bird syndrome’ bound in the nature of all mankind’s flesh. The little bird is fighting against his own image though he doesn’t see that. Your image will always make you angry, frustrated and captivated by Your-SELF and the image it produces. There is a blindness only Jesus can remove. He says to you, “I have an anointing that can heal blind eyes so you can see the Door of Rest.”  It is a place of recovery, a place of release and abundance. Any attempt to use something other than The Door will leave you beaten and bruised. There is hope and healing at The Open Door of Jesus!  His lessons are the cure for our Red Bird Syndrome! 
He is saying to each one, “Son/Daughter, use The Door!  It represents the only legitimate way to my service and pleasure and by it you will produce My glory and not your own! Use the door and you will be able to move freely in my presence where there is fullness of joy.  It will be a fullness that will keep you from being robbed of what I alone have given you to possess!”
Come to me, all who labor and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest. Matthew 11:28
Kyle Nees serves as pastor with GraceLife Fellowship, Lindale, Texas.
Charlene Reams Manning
Believer in the Lord Jesus Messiah
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