Believers and Politics


Weekly Sabbath Survey
Believers and Politics —  3-19-2016
I grew up in a family very interested in politics. Even as a child I enjoyed our family times of bashing the candidates we didn’t like and going over the ones we did. Once when I had my 4 year old grandson visiting, my son said, “Tay-Tay, tell Mawmaw what you’re going to do when you get big.” The little cherub answered immediately, “I goin’ to do football with the Longhorns and sack the Democrats!” I laughed for 30 minutes!!  No grandmother could have been prouder than I was at that moment!
But years later, when I was invited to go to a Tea Party meeting, I knew immediately in the Lord this was not for me. It was so strong I wanted to correct myself for being so opposed to it. As time moved along I became more aware of God in control. I have become less engaged in politics as time goes on. I believe He has us on the fast train to glory and there are some awful things that must happen before the train can reach the destination. One thing was electing the president we have right now. He is God’s man for this hour!
I told a friend that I let Tony vote for us now. She was offended for the sake of Americans who fought several wars to give us that right. I understand her concern and feel it myself. But I also know we are in a time in human history like never before. We must see everything that is going on and discern the times, even the hand writing on the wall. And we must be careful not to place ourselves in a position of fighting against God. (In Scripture, that hand writing was not good news!) The Scripture below says don’t be ‘entangled’. I believe we can vote if we feel we must, but without deceiving oneself that whoever is elected will actually do anything to improve anything in this once great, now sinful, nation.
We must each search our hearts for what we should do in every area of life. Be open to God messing around with what you DO. Stop making excuses for why you must DO if He is saying DON’T. If you are considering going into the Lion’s Den (i.e., running for office), check your name tag, It should say “Daniel.” These are perilous times and there is much FEAR. We have the answer! It isn’t a Rich businessman, Hispanic guy, or Black doctor. It is Jesus Christ.  A Believer’s calling is NOT to save the American dream. The dream has become an incurable, unending Nightmare, financially and otherwise!
Please give the following your careful consideration. I won’t deny it is a very hard word, very tough meat. Not everyone can chew it. I agree with it, but I’ve been too chicken to write it. So here is an excerpt from writings of Andrew Strom, a Christian from New Zealand.
In recent years, particularly in the USA, but also in other countries, Christians have become more and more drawn into politics. Christians are now known for all the things they bitterly “rail”against. They rail angrily against taxes, the president, immigrants, and Democrats. They launch into bitter tirades on health care and gun control. Once you start playing on this field you need to remember that politics is the devil’s arena. It is dirty, ugly and divisive.
Jesus refused to have anything to do with political power:  He said, “My kingdom is not of this world.” And the early church was the same. Can you imagine them starting a “letter-writing” campaign against Herod or Caesar? They were too busy preaching the gospel. But today’s believers are inviting widespread hatred of the Christian faith – not for spiritual reasons but political ones. We have needlessly made ourselves the “enemies” of ones we are called to reach. We are preaching “another gospel” of politics and nationalism – where Christianity embroils itself in the partisan issues of the day, and angrily snarls at any who disagree. It is the gospel of “the flag mixed with Jesus”. We are called to change men’s hearts through the gospel. We have abandoned our calling. We have become utterly distracted from our mission in the earth.
True Christians are supposed to be “sojourners” and pilgrims in the earth, giving their (true) allegiance to no particular country, but the kingdom of heaven. It is high time we left all this agitating to the rabble-rousers  and simply do our job. Preaching the gospel to the poor. Healing the sick. Binding up the broken-hearted. Proclaiming the acceptable year of the Lord. No more Fox News. No more right-wing talk radio. All that stuff exists only to rile people up, make them mad, and drive the ratings higher. There is nothing “Christian” about it at all. To every believer I say: REPENT of this “political” gospel – this “political” Christianity – and never return to it again. ~copied

No man who wages spiritual warfare entangles himself with the affairs of this world, so that he may please The One who has chosen him to be a soldier.
2 Timothy 2:4 


Charlene Reams Manning, Believer in the Lord Yeshua Messiah                                                     
Copyright  November 2015
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