The Roman Problem

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The Roman Problem —  9-26-2015
It seems the pope has taken the U.S. by storm and won the hearts of everyone. I’ve not seen such fan adoration since the days of Sinatra, Elvis, and Dylan. The pope is a rock star! The media acted like he was the Second Coming of Christ. (I won’t expand on that remark. You can use your imagination.)
Part of the Roman Problem is Protestants live in our own little world and remain completely unaware that there is such a thing. We have no “Roman Problem.” We think we are free and yet some of us have bound ourselves to so much Catholic hooey, it’s a crying shame! I don’t want to elaborate, like Saturday vs. Sunday and a lot of other pagan things we have retained for two thousand years. But I think the Lord will allow me to go over the “foundations” of the Roman Catholic Church and the Protestant Church. Even buildings, from which we get the concept of a foundation, are structurally sound or not by their foundation. There is a big difference between the Roman Church and the Protestants, because of the foundations. As time passes the buildings of compromised foundations get worse and worse. Same with churches.
In religion (faith) or philosophy or lifestyle, whatever we call it, it starts with the foundation. Many Protestant denominational “Christians” are just as in love with their church as their Catholic counterpart. We become addicted to our churchy routine. Protestants don’t call it ritual but that’s exactly what it is. We come in the door and receive a little paper that tells us this happens right after that happens. Here we stand up, there we read together.  EVERY Sunday. The Holy Spirit couldn’t get in a place like that with a shoe horn! When He is present and the people acknowledge Him, the service is NEVER the same as last week.
BUT, and this is a big one: The Catholic Church was built on Roman paganism. The Roman Emperor Constantine knew religion was the way to control the masses. So his ‘church’ has a wicked and perverse FOUNDATION. Millions of very nice, well meaning and faithful people have pledged their allegiance to that “church” and itsmethod of bondage over them.
The Protestant denominations that came out of the Roman Church, starting with Martin Luther, asked the question “What can wash away my sin?” and they found the Biblical answer was “Nothing but the Blood of Jesus.” Over the centuries there were groups of people in Europe and later America, who came together by the power of God the Holy Spirit and founded more churches on the truth revealed to them. The way they “do” things down through the years may differ some from church to church, but the foundation of them all was (is) nothing less than “Jesus Christ and Him crucified.”  Salvation is by faith and grace NOT the work of rituals or money paid into the coffers.
Any church, Catholic or otherwise, can have these people who are so dedicated to the organization, the building, it’s like Stockholm Syndrome. Some are BORN into it, and that makes it even harder for them to see their captivity. Jesus talked about the ones who claimed to see and didn’t know they were blind. These captured people are blind and more:  they are deaf and think they can hear, they are slaves who think they are free. This kind of bondage is why thousands of children have been molested by church leaders. It must be OK if “Father” or “Pastor” says it is. (Think of Jim Jones. What a great protestant he was, huh?). Pastor worship is a dangerous game to play.
This strong spiritual blindness is only broken by a sovereign move of God. Catholics are the hardest to reach because their foundation has a pagan (demonic) power that holds them. It is mostly fear based. They are told if they leave the Catholic Church, they will burn in hell. There are Born Again Catholics under that “spell” who cannot bring themselves to leave. Sometimes other people actually talk the captives out of their prison, but it has to be anointed interaction and in God’s timing. Just stating the truth won’t set them free.
Jesus said, “You will KNOW the truth and the truth will make you free.”  He was speaking of the Messiah, the Anointed Savior sent by the Holy One of Israel. He was speaking of Himself, The Way, The Truth and The Life. These captives must embrace and receive truth, hear it on a spiritual level. No one comes to the Father (the knowledge of The Truth) unless the Holy Spirit draws them. We all have friends and relatives who are “married” to their church. Whether Catholic or Protestant, they love it more than they love Jesus or Truth. We need to pray for them and be prepared to be the answer to our own prayer. Somebody who has that anointing MUST tell them. As bringers of the Gospel, it follows that we should all be Tellers of The Truth. They may not like it, they may not get it, ever. We tell them anyway.
Go to them in the captivity and tell them “The Lord said this:”  whether they will hear you or not.  Ezekiel 3:11   
Charlene Reams Manning
Believer in the Lord Jesus Messiah
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One thought on “The Roman Problem

  1. vonleonhardt2

    I agree the response to Francis is a troubling change from how protestants all used to condemn the pope as a antichrist (term is John allows plural). I can’t go with you on Saturday (some hold all days to be the same…) but good points in general.

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