Destiny of Judas

Weekly Sabbath Survey
Destiny of Judas –  8-29-2015
Guest contributor today is
Nickie Pinson, pastor and teacher
Jesus set a precedent and example for us at the Last Supper when he dealt with Judas. [John 13]  He knew who and what Judas was. He let the others know, too. But they were too slow on the trigger to figure it out until later on when Judas came with the Temple Guard to arrest Jesus. (Some people say Roman soldiers arrested Him, but that isn’t what happened. They got involved the next day. That night in the olive garden, it was the High Priest’s Temple Police).
After Jesus dipped the bread, He gave it to Judas and told him to go on and be quick about what he was going to do. Jesus knew what he was planning, but the others thought that because he was the treasurer, Jesus was sending him off to buy something they needed.
This is really a teaching about destiny. Jesus knew the destiny Judas had secured for himself. He had turned away from the similar destinies of the other men, to step into something else. His own plan. God’s Plan or our own plan. Sometimes we try out our plan and the Lord allows this for a time. But a time comes when we have to choose. 
When we have people in our lives that are doing their own thing, we pray for them and try to warn them. Jesus even warned Judas when He said to the group, “These offenses must come, but woe to the one who brings them.” 
But when the time came, He fully released Judas to get on with it. This is our example for our family and friends. After we warn them in love, as the Holy Spirit releases us from nagging or trying to persuade them. We must leave them to what they are doing and pray that they will come to the knowledge of the Lord they once knew, or maybe never knew.
Whichever, it is the Holy Spirit that calls them, not us. We must not get in the way of what He is doing or allowing. As a rule, we won’t know if and when someone reaches the point of no return, no hope. The Lord keeps that to Himself many times, and we just go on and keep praying for their immortal soul. But when He has given the person over to their ways, we should NOT interfere.
My observations: Letting go is very hard to do, but we must, in order for the Lord to accomplish the destiny of other people—–without our input. We may thwart the Holy Spirit to even negate our own prayers when we do not obey the Voice that tells us to back off! None of us wants a friend or relative to embrace the destiny of a Judas, so it is of vital importance that we are very sensitive to what we say (or not) to these people in our lives who may be walking the outer edge of the falling off place.   ~crm
I have not met Nickie Pinson in person. But over several years we have gotten to know each other through e-mail.I believe he is a minister who is first and foremost interested in the condition of his own heart. People in ministry who start there, are much better equipped to touch and teach the hearts of others. The Lord is looking for men and women whose hearts are as pure as He can make them in this wicked world we live in today. Thanks, Nickie, for being one of those. ~crm
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Charlene Reams Manning
Believer in the Lord Jesus Messiah
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