Who Are They?

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Who Are They? —  6-20-2015
Interest in the End Times and the Book of Revelation must be at an all time high. We got your Blood Moons, your Harbingers, and I don’t know what-tall. I have recently been made aware of the deliberately FALSE teaching going forth on this subject. I shouldn’t be surprised, since the devil always makes a counterfeit of whatever it is God is doing. It is important that we NOT get caught up in or overly concerned with figuring everything out. (Unless we are called to that.) Most of us need to keep doing what we know to do in our little corner of the world. But, there are some things we should ponder and pray for discernment of them. From time to time, I get questions about the Antichrist and the False Prophet.
Who are these two guys? How will we know them? It is a serious matter concerning these two future players on the world stage. We need to be looking for some things that will identify them to us.  I will share here what little understanding I have, admitting first that I have not been a real student of eschatology. Pre-trib, Post-trib, and I am just trying to get through the day with a kitchen crisis, a hawk killing my chickens, and a run away little black and white dog! I am certain that I am ‘going up’. I don’t know when, but God does. I try not to worry.(He may seem to be sleeping in the boat, but He is very aware of the storm!)
As I see it in the Book of Revelation, these two guys will appear suddenly and will be men of great power, fame and terrific charisma. To say ” charming” is an understatement. These men will not be satan (the dragon) nor demons. They will be real human beings. And, t hey will have much demonic power.
The Antichrist (aka, The Beast) will be a political figure with a glib tongue filled with promises of peace and plenty. His speech will be mesmerizing, his audience, hypnotized. He will be recognized, hailed and endorsed by every world leader of the day, and will eventually be elevated to “King of The Earth” or some other auspicious title. A quick study of Hitler will reveal why many people of that day suspected he was the A.C. I think he was a kind of warm up before the real thing. Also, many Christians opposed the formation of the U. N. because they felt it would be the vehicle for accomplishing all this. (Hmmm?)  The False Prophet will be the A.C.’s friend, confidante, and second banana. He will be a religious man with  charisma like the A.C. He will have supernatural power beyond what anyone has ever seen on this Earth before. Not like when Moses faced Pharaoh’s magicians nor Elijah made a bet with the prophets of Baal. Even the miracles Jesus did. This guy is awesome. Me will make David Copperfield look like the clown at a kid birthday party!
So when this dynamic duo steps into the spotlight and the cameras are rolling, who can deny that they have the power of God? Hey, they probably ARE gods!!!  The one speaks eloquent words and the other confirms his words with outta-this-world miraculous stuff—-signs and wonders!  It’s just all so great!
Jesus told us of a Great Deception, so bad that there will be saved people who have been faithful to the Him, but they will be fooled by these two guys. They will stupidly go over to the other side. We need to understand that this deception doesn’t burst out full-blown in a day. It has already started! The world in general is being made ready for this. It is building, gaining strength, one incident, one compromise, one horrid movie at a time. Frog in water, people!  We need to get out while we still can!!!
One sure way of avoiding this creeping deception is a method the Lord gave me some time back. I feel sure there are others employing it. I watch to see what the majority is saying, doing and thinking, and I run the other way! I also pray often for discernment. I pray that I become a Lover of Truth. We must LOVE truth more than anything else we have, even our own lives. Jesus said, I am The Way, The Truth, and The Life. Truth is the spiritual vaccine against, and the cure for, the lies now, and those two guys coming soon.  Like muscles, our spiritual gifts get stronger when they are exercised!  There is still time for making mistakes and learning how to operate in this gift of discernment.
I pray this will help someone, get some of us thinking about all this more seriously than they have before. I pray the Lord use it to make Believers (including me) stronger, smarter, more perceptive, better prepared  for uncertain days ahead here on our beautiful Pale Blue Marble.
I saw three unclean spirits like frogs come out of the mouth of the dragon, out of the mouth of the beast, and out of the mouth of the false prophet.  Revelation 16:13


Charlene Reams Manning
Believer in the Lord Jesus Messiah

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