Righteous Reality

Weekly Sabbath Survey

Righteous Reality —  6-6-2015
There’s a lot of talk about being in the Spirit, walking in the Holy Spirit. But, as ‘they’ say, Talk is cheap. And, especially so when we talk about the things of the Lord. It’s easy to discover a truth, to think about it, to talk about it, to teach it, but sometimes all that is WAY easier than  the doing of it.
I jumped head first into the Spirit-led life a lot of years ago, and I am STILL trying to do it without the training wheels! If only it was as easy as riding a bicycle. But it is not. And yet, while the climb up each of God’s mountains is rocky and steep, the view from the top is spectacular. Every time I hear someone talk about it, it spurs me on to go up again to reach that next higher mountain top. See, the thing is, there are many climbs up, on different paths. The Lord does the choosing once we have made up our mind to Go Up. The first time, He took me on a path that was not too difficult. It was lined with people along the way to cheer me on. It was like a marathon with stops where people would love me, water me, encourage me to keep going. It was the most exciting thing that had ever happened to me.
Now, I am wiser and stronger in the Lord. There is no such thing as OLDER in Jesus! Your birthday number doesn’t matter to Him. He just wants each person of whatever age to live up to the abundant life He died to give them. So, at this stage in the game, some of us may be shocked to learn that there is no such thing as “retirement” in the Lord, no matter how many Retirement Villages we build!  For us, being a Christian is still our life’s work. For some, only now that we are “retired” we can go for it full time!
Walking in the Spirit, climbing the mountain with the Lord is uppermost in my mind, like it was in the beginning, when I was new in Him. I want more than ever to truly walk in His Spirit ALL the time. The story goes that two little boys noticed their grandmother reading her Bible. The younger one asked, “Why is Granny all the time reading her Bible?”  The older and wiser one said, “I think she’s cramming for her finals.”  I’ve reached a time in my life when I KNOW I’m  cramming for my finals. I want to get a few more things right before they pull the plug on me!
One might assume that being older, the tests would be easier. But our paths today have a degree of difficulty we never knew when we were young. It seems like those beginning climbs were more focused on our surroundings and circumstances. A lot of other people involved. While I still do those climbs, there is another kind of challenge that is even harder. It is like a mountain backpacking trip, away from everything, everybody. Just me and the Lord. He starts to climb up and calls me to follow Him.
This is the call to come up higher than I have ever gone before. This call puts the focus on ME. Not my brother, not my sister, but it’s ME, O Lord, standing in the need of prayer!  The Higher Call has happened to me more than once. It is always my choice to go or not. This time, it isn’t so much just getting through some big problem, having a mostly calm exterior. It is more about how I’m doing inside while I’m doing all the right things on the outside (There is no fooling God on this!) The Lord is shining His brightest light on my ATTITUDE. He is saying, “It isn’t enough to plaster a smile on and gut through these times with a lot of help from your friends. Now, you must have  Righteous Reality as you go through with Me.”   My friend Geri sums it up well:
Being a believer is no guarantee that a person will walk in the Spirit. Walking In the Spirit requires the crucifying of self, a moment by moment choice to give up our life.The true test of a person being filled with the Holy Spirit will not only be the fruit of the Holy Spirit:  love, joy, peace, long-suffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, and self-control being manifested in a life (the character and nature of Jesus), but out of a person’s innermost being will be flowing rivers of living water — Psalms, hymns, spiritual songs, singing and making melody in our hearts to God.    ~Geri McGhee
When Jesus saw many people gathering toward Him, He went up on the mountain side and sat down. His disciples came to Him and He taught them there.  Matthew 5:1
Today’s WSS is dedicated to my full-blood German sister that I love dearly. (You know who you are, kiddo!!)  Going up higher, you Proverbs Virtuous Woman you!
Charlene Reams Manning
Believer in the Lord Jesus Messiah


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