Faith vs. Proof

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Faith vs. Proof — 5-2-2015

Biblical archaeology has for years been making great strides with discoveries in the Middle East that all but prove some accounts in the Bible. I recenlty saw a fascinating TV show seeking to find real evidence of the Israelite Exodus from Egypt. Various teams worked at different times and places and this video was put together to show what was found over several years.

They began with a team in Egypt in the area known in the Bible as the Land of Goshen: the place where the family of Joseph went to live when they fled the famine in Canaan (known later as Israel). Goshen was a most fertile and perfect place for the sheep herding farmers of the Jacob (aka Israel) Family. In several digs by trained archaeologists evidence of small towns were uncovered in Goshen. All indicators pointed to Asian (Hebrew) habitants, in architecture, decor and utensils.

The next team moved with Moses over the map to find the route of his trek to Midian when he had to get out of Egypt after he killed an Egyptian slave master. Then finally the Exodus and flight through the Red Sea.There were digs, a helicopter flyover of a presumed Mt. Sinai in a very different location than the one tourists flock to. The end was at a location of the Red Sea never considered by Bible experts before, where divers found very strong evidence, preserved in the coral, of the presence of ancient chariot wheels.

With these ongoing discoveries we have a dilemma between faith and undeniable proof. The Jew and Christian have lived for centuries believing by faith, with the Bible as all the proof there was. It’s exciting to learn there is evidence that the parting of the Red Sea actually happened. But this and other scientific revelations don’t mean faith becomes a thing of the past. In these times of “If you can’t prove it, capture it on film, show the mathematical or physical basis for it, then, it’s likely not real,” more than ever we must base our beliefs on faith.

Those of us who live by faith, live in another dimension. For us, hard evidence proof of the Bible isn’t necessarily a whoop-tee-do revelation, but more of an interesting discovery. In Judeo-Christian tradition, the creation of the world shows that there is a Creator, and the Exodus illustrates divine intervention: our God actually gets involved in what happens on His Earth. Science is merely discovering and showcasing what the people with faith have always believed.

I have wondered why after thousands of years more has been uncovered in the past 50 or so years, than in all the centuries gone before. My interest started when I first heard about the Dead Sea Scrolls. I keep seeing more things coming along. Why now? Why are these things being revealed now?

Here it comes, some of the you already know the answer: Signs of the Times!!!. It is my studied conclusion that all of this proof is coming along because Almighty God is practically BEGGING people to believe. It has always been His will that none should perish. But many will. These wonderful scientific proofs are for those who have NEVER put any credence in the story of our faith. People who have thought the Bible was a bunch of fables about people who were never real. These proofs should slap them right in head like “shoulda had a V-8,” and they break both legs running to their saintly Mama or their holy roller Cousin Bubba to find out what faith in God and the blood of Jesus is all about.

All of us who have relatives who stubbornly refuse to come in outta the rain, we need to pray that these things on the Internet and History Channel scare the pants off ’em and send ’em to us to pray so we can snatch ’em outta the fire almost at the last minute! Then, the proof won’t matter any more because they will have FAITH. Serious business, this is.

[The Lord] is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance. 2 Peter 3:9

Charlene Reams Manning

Believer in the Lord Jesus Messiah

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