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Kingdoms — 4-18-2015

The Bible is filled with references to kingdoms. Mostly when we use that word, we are thinking of a people or nation under the reign of a king. However, there is a need to go deeper with this and learn about it. The Scripture speaks of ‘the Kingdoms of this world.’ I thought this meant national entities with a king, president, or dictator. There is much more to it than that. The Lord began to show me that every organization small or large is a kingdom. Anything mankind thinks up to form a group, a club, a nation, whatever, is a kingdom, and they all have a system. The world is held together by the various kingdoms and their systems that bump into and interact with, each other. It doesn’t matter what it is: the PTA, the NRA, the CIA—they are all kingdoms and they have kings.

Truthfully, only ONE Kingdom matters. The rest of them are manmade. I’m not saying we cannot join some club or group, but we must be careful to have the right attitude about it. The Methodist Church is a kingdom. So are all the other churches. The Catholic Church has a king that is actually visible! The Pope. If a person thinks they are going to heaven because they are a Baptist, they are no nearer than if they think they are going because they are a Democrat!

For Believers, our life on earth is lived in God’s kingdom spiritually, but we are still interacting with various other kingdoms. At times I have enjoyed a visit to the kingdoms of country dances, football games, hometown theater, events with my children, and even churches. But once my eyes were opened like a newborn puppy, I have been aware that I am only visiting in these other kingdoms. My loyalty is always to my King and His Kingdom. Once I had the pleasure of spending a couple of hours in the kingdom of the IRS. Not good. I had a friend who spent a month one weekend in the kingdom of Las Vegas. She said the whole time she was thinking, “This place is like Sodom and Gomorrah.” She was right, of course.

Every kingdom has overseers. Some kingdoms are more righteous than others, like the Salvation Army as opposed to a tough guy motor cycle gang. Ultimately, every kingdom (even the good ones) is down the list when compared with the Kingdom of God. Some may think being in their church makes them a part of God’s Kingdom, but being in any particular place cannot make us holy or righteous. The goodness of God comes from His Spirit in us. We may be called to work in other kingdoms, for God’s purpose or to make a living. But uppermost in our minds, we are of the Kingdom of God. We must not compromise or take part in any kind of unrighteousness. This is where we must be in tune with the Lord. He will always let us know what to do, when to stay and when to go. I worked in the legal field a number of years. I saw good and bad in that kingdom. I was a notary, and twice was challenged to compromise my ethics by swearing in writing something that was not true. I refused, knowing I might be fired. I kept my job in both instances, and my integrity. We are IN the world, but we are not a part OF it.

The Kingdom of God is not a group or a club or a do-gooder charity or even a church. It is The Church, a spiritual Kingdom that cannot be confined to a building or a certain geographical place, like Jerusalem or Rome. You can’t join it by applying, because nobody is good enough to belong to it. We come in by the Blood of the Lamb. When a person bows himself at the foot of The Cross of Jesus, pledges his life to that King, accepts His blood as the covering for sin, acknowledges His rule and reign, that one is instantly a part God’s kingdom. When we become a part of this Kingdom, we are not a member, but a CITIZEN. So the people in God’s Kingdom are citizens of God’s Nation where Jesus is the King. It is the only kingdom that offers blessings in our life of toil in this world, and eternal life of happiness in the next world.

When Jesus returns, every knee shall bow and every tongue will declare that He is Lord (and King). At that time, the verse quoted here below will become a reality as the Earth will know one Kingdom with one King for One Thousand Years. Then, we who know the King will have a New Heaven and New Earth forever.

And the seventh angel sounded [the trumpet]; and there were great voices in heaven saying: The kingdoms of this world have become the kingdoms of our Lord, and of His Messiah; and He shall reign forever and ever. Revelation 11:15

Charlene Reams Manning

Believer in the Lord Jesus Messiah

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