The Average Christian

Weekly Sabbath Survey

The Average Christian—-  3-28-2015
It is now possible to live the “Christian Life” without doing the things Jesus commanded us to do. We have hired people to go into all the world, to preach the Gospel, to visit the sick and those in prison, to feed and clothe the poor, to care for widows and orphans. The average Christian doesn’t have to do it. <copied>
I want to ponder that term “Average Christian.” Does it imply some of us are below or above average?  A thorough, open heart reading of the sacred text indicates to me there is no such thing as “average” in the Lord. If a person is average or below, I fear that one may not be a Christian at all. It appears the original Believers were either all in or not in. There was no other way in Jesus other than a total commitment.
We must allow that among those who work and produce Kingdom crops, some get 30 times greater than their efforts, as God multiplies what they do. Others reap 60 times greater. And a few will be rewarded 100 times greater. This is not about commitment, but about gifting and calling: what a person does with what the Lord gave them. But ALL must have a 100 percent, lay-down-my-life commitment to the Lord. These people pray: All that I am and all that I have belongs to You, My Father. I’ll go where you send me, Yahweh, and I’ll do and say what you give me.
We may confuse people we are “recruiting” for Jesus by telling them a simple prayer asking Jesus to be their Savior is all they have to do. Later, when we began to teach them, they are surprised and reluctant to do this or that in service or giving. This person is NOT saved. There are many of those in churches today where the requirements are so few. These people need to hear about God’s love that sent Jesus to DIE for them. They need to be told about the presence and ministry of the Holy Spirit. These people were “born again” in an untimely birth. They are an Ismael, not an Isaac, not a son of the Covenant.
I have seen evangelism done as if we are talent scouts, telling people how God will use their great singing voice or excellent way with words or fat bank account. What they need to hear is that they are blind and need to see; they are deaf and need their ears opened; they are sinners and they need a Savior to give them a new life of righteousness. They should know God doesn’t need them. They need Him.
Jesus asked His followers, “Are ye able to drink this cup with Me?” (i. e., to endure the pain, to sacrifice your LIFE for Him and for the sake of His ministry?) Everyone of them answered, “To the death, we follow Thee!” This is what it means to be fully committed. There’s a joke which is perfect for this discussion. What is the difference between a chicken and a pig involved with breakfast? The chicken made a contribution (the eggs) but the pig made a real commitment (the bacon). The recruit asks, “How much will I be required to give of my life as Christian?” Short answer: Everything. Everything you are, everything you hope to be, everything you have or ever will have. You are a slave, bought for God with the blood of Jesus.
Those original saints who vowed to die with Him — they had their failings and doubts, went back to fishing, running scared, after He died. They were discouraged beyond belief. Miserable. Depressed. Confused. But something happened to change those frightened ordinary, average people into the greatest spiritual force the world has ever known!
The Day of Pentecost was NOT ‘the birthday of the church’. Jesus had already gathered the congregation and chosen the leaders before He died. On the Day of Pentecost 120 faithful Believers in that upper room got their official ANOINTING to go out and spread the message of Jesus to the entire known world. They were FILLED with the Holy Spirit. Many of them died at the hands of those who would not believe. But nothing has stopped the message:    Jesus is The  Way.
What makes some of us seem to appear above average?  Some might say, bolder than the rest of us or maybe, crazier. It’s so simple really. It’s the Anointing. The Psalmist said, The zeal of God has consumed me!  It’s the anointing of the Holy Spirit. Just like the Day of Pentecost.
We should all be praying that the Lord would anoint us with the power of His Spirit and thrust us forward into what He has for us EVERY DAY. It’s not a one time deal. Like a car, we need a fill up regularly. The more we give out of the reserve, the more often we need to get into God’s presence for a refill. It is my prayer that I NEVER go back to being an Average Christian.
Don’t you know that because you have the Holy Spirit in you, you no longer “own” yourself? You were bought for a price! [The blood of Jesus]. So, glorify God in both body and spirit, which are God’s possessions.  1 Corinthians 6:19-20
Charlene Reams Manning
Believer in the Lord Jesus Messiah
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