Facing the Music

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Facing the Music — 1-30-2015

To “face the music” is a phrase believed to derive from a formal military service in which someone is dismissed in disgrace. The ceremony is accompanied by band music with drums. Today, it has come to mean “to confront something unpleasant” or “to accept responsibility” for a situation. It may be a problem of one’s own making or some other thing a person feels compelled to do.

I am a First Born. I grew up with a sense of duty and responsibility from an early age. I was told to “watch out” for my baby sister so she didn’t get hurt. I took this job very seriously. It made me into a lifelong caretaker. I can’t help myself. I was the “knee baby” and my sister was the “lap baby.” The baby’s needs were foremost in everyone’s mind, including my own. Only other first borns understand all this. The rest of humanity think we have big problems. This may be true, but it does not nullify the truth of what happened when those subsequent kids were born. Our parents did the best they could, but it didn’t stop the process taking place in the toddler’s little mind.

So, having a hardwired sense of duty to others (watch the baby, help Mama, don’t run around playing and screeching and make Daddy nervous) all worked together to make me a person who has faced the music my whole life. I did not run from responsibility. I was never a liar. I told the truth even if it meant getting a whuppin’. When I see people in distress, even animals, I always want to help them.

Try, if you will, to imagine what this might be like. Subsequent birth people groove along in their own little orbit, but people like me are always looking around to see what is happening to others. We make good doctors, nurses, ministers, and teachers. Our “care” for mankind makes us perfect for the role of caretaker. We can be compulsive parents, but that’s another story for another day. Suffice to say, there is a danger of making oneself crazy by trying to have the perfect family and save the world at the same time! It was a while before I realized I cannot fix everything and everybody. I serve more carefully now, refraining from playing “mommy” full time. Oddly enough, I have a lot more friends now than I used to!

Jesus was not driven by the needs of humanity. He loves us and in His earthly ministry he was very compassionate to those in need. But everywhere He went and everything He did was ordered by the Holy Spirit that rested on Him the day He was baptized by John. This anointing was so visible that it was said it was like a dove lit on His shoulder. If Jesus had been moved by every need He saw, He would have been consumed with the pain and not had enough time to even sleep. As it was, he sneaked away from people at times to rewind Himself in prayer. He only did what the Father told Him, When He healed the man by the pool of Bethesda, there were lots of others waiting to get in the water. The Bible doesn’t say a word about any of them being healed. Jesus certainly saw their need, but He only healed the ONE that stood out in the Spirit. The one picked by God.

I had to learn to be led by Holy Spirit and pray before I jumped in to help somebody. Too many times I got in God’s way more than I helped the person. Now, I pray before I act on ideas I have for helping. Even something as simple as given someone a book, can back fire horribly. It’s one thing to step up and face the music, and another to anoint myself for something God hasn’t called me to.

Some “music” is kind of forced upon us, so we have little choice in what to do, whether we are a first born or not. Whatever particular battle any of us has been called to, as ‘they’ say, if He brings us to it, He will bring us through it. I want to encourage all my readers who are in any unusually difficult struggle not of your choosing: stay the course, do not faint, let the Lord be your strength to get you through it. Rely on the Father’s power, the Holy Spirit’s comfort, and the Son’s prayers for you from His place of authority by the throne of God.

Jesus said, “The Son can do nothing by himself. He does only what He sees the Father doing, and in the same way. The Father loves the Son and tells Him everything He is doing . . .” John 5:19

Charlene Reams Manning

Believer in the Lord Jesus Messiah

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One thought on “Facing the Music

  1. As always, thanks for sharing the word of God and for opening our eyes to our own conditions. I will try to be more careful with what I feel compelled to do and try harder to only do what My Father tells me to do. Be blessed!

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