Cackle Back!

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Cackle Back!  —  12-6-2014
Sometimes my readers share things with this “Red Hen,” They cackle back! Some things are so poignant, pertinent, or personal. All input is welcome, even if expressing a difference of opinion. Today I pass along a few comments from readers and some I picked up from other sources, pointing to serious failures in the way we “do” Christianity. I used tag-lines rather than names:
Have you ever heard someone say, “I go to church because I need to be fed.”  My answer has always been this: Helen Keller was blind and deaf and still she was taught to feed herself. Baby animals eat regurgitated food. Grown up Christians should stop eating another saint’s warmed over revelations all the time. The Father alone gives us our daily bread. When Jesus invites us to ‘Come Sup With Him’, He requires us to sit at the table like big boys and girls, and feed ourselves. Go to ‘church’ for fellowship, for encouragement or for worship, but for God’s sake don’t go to be fed!   ~Showing God My Molars
So many people go from one church to another looking for the “right” one. Each church is usually one of three things: a hospital, a school or a temple. If you are spiritually or physically sick the right one for you is the hospital. They emphasize healing in the spirit and in the body. If you are Biblically illiterate you should find a school. They are big on Bible study, teaching and really knowing God’s word. If you are a sinner, a troubled soul, lonely, bound, tormented, whatever, find a temple church. There, they worship in spirit and truth. None of that “3 fast songs, 2 slow, and away we go”. People are saved, healed and delivered right there in the pews. Demons flee because they cannot abide the Presence of Almighty God. Hearts are mended because of the Presence of Almighty God.  ~Can You Say Amen?.
At my church in Texas, there was a fund for helping a pastor in Mexico. He had a church and a school for poor kids. Every Sunday our little kids put in coins, adults put in folding money above their regular giving. Every Sunday the pastor told us how poor these people were and how great their needs. The money container grew full and the trip was made. It was discovered later, the money taken up wasn’t used to help the Mexican pastor. The help was canned foods, used clothing and toys we had donated. Somebody who went told others how the money went for hotel/dining expenses on the American side of the border. It was a weekend vacation for the pastor and others who went along. ~Feeling Duped (Again)
My brother and some friends started Main Street Coffee House for college kids and others out late at might. It grew and moved into a strip mall. It didn’t lose its edge with street people and young people. The ministry was always strapped for cash. The members were not known for having much money unless they sold drugs. So, my brother made the rounds of churches when doors opened for him. He asked these nice, well-dressed, upstanding Believers to give a donation. One day a couple gave him $100, and said they would be coming that night to meet his congregation. The fine lady said they would bring sandwiches and cookies. My brother was so blessed, he was praising God all the way home. The couple came as promised. When the evening came to an end, the nice man said, “We can’t help you any more after this. By the looks of them, these people are not even saved.”  ~Reaching the Lost, or Not
My friend and I were preparing to attend a Christian meeting. I worried that we were not allowing enough drive time. He laughed and said, “Don’t worry! We can be 45 minutes late and they will still be singing. All I want is to hear [well-known Christian author] speak.”  For him, the highlight of the evening was not the worship nor enjoying the Lord’s presence. It was hearing the famous guy talk. This man is a Bible teacher, “Born Again” and known as a “prayer warrior.”  ~Am I Mixed Up On This?
I usually gave my six year old grandson a dollar for the offering in Children’s Church. One Sunday, I discovered I had only a $50 bill. I gave him two quarters I had in my change purse. Each child earned points for attendance, bringing their Bible, bringing a friend. With these points they could buy a small item like a fancy looking No. 2 pencil, a yo-yo, a Kazoo. He was so cute in his little suit and tie, proudly holding his 50 cents in his sweaty little hand as he hurried off. When we picked him up after the adult service, he was all smiles, showing me a picture he drew of the Bible hero in their lesson. I noticed he didn’t have his usual cheesy toy, so asked if he got anything. He said no, he didn’t have enough points this time. I said, you had attendance, your Bible and an offering, that should have been enough. He said, You don’t get points for your offering unless it’s a dollar.”  ~Teaching Kids the Importance of A Dollar
All this makes me stop and think. What are Christians doing? What do we hope to gain from doing it?  And most of all, is what we do Biblical or Godly?  ~crm
Charlene Reams Manning
Believer in the Lord Jesus Messiah
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