If I Didn’t Care

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If I Didn’t Care — 11-22-2014

Awhile back I paused and gave thought several times to what I’m doing with what I sincerely believe is my ministry in the Lord. Since I don’t know personally most of the people on my list, it puts me in a position of seeming to have the audacity to criticize you when I have no idea what you do or what you know. I may seem cold or uncaring. Dear reader, please know that I care for you and all my readers. If I didn’t care, I would have given up this difficult calling long ago. Once I was in the dim light of spiritual infancy, but now I see a Great Light. I care deeply for all who may be seeing dimly, and for those who have also seen the Great Light. I believe the Lord wants me to encourage all to go forward, that none of us stops growing, but we steadily rise in spiritual acuity so we know the difference between the holy and the profane, and the gravity of the situation in our world, and where we ourselves figure in it. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Time is short. So I purpose to speak loud and clear.

A couple of readers have suggested that I am too serious in always taking the hard line. Why don’t I lighten up once in a while? I have a narrow view, I will admit. (Jesus talked about ‘narrow’.) I see our salvation, our calling in Jesus, as serious eternal business. If I didn’t care for the immortal souls of us all, I could probably write a humorous column now and again, but it wouldn’t be the Word of the Lord. I put into print what God has imprinted on my heart. It’s that simple. I must obey the calling to the best of my ability.

I will admit, I do seem to cause trouble. I have done the organized church a favor by dropping out of their system where I became a real pain in their neck. So here I am, out of the synagogue, living day by day, trying my best to read the Book and do what it says. And, pointing to a holy God who does not change. I wonder how some of us think what He said in the beginning is now subject to change. Jesus said He didn’t come to change God’s plan even by a period or a comma. Who are we to change it?

Years ago the Lord spoke to me through Scripture about “the holy and the profane.” I knew The Voice, and that I was about to learn something. To see holy and profane side by side, we can look at what is going on in Christian meetings and let the Lord show what is stupid or creepy right in the middle of worship and prayer: whatever makes your Holy Spirit alarm go off. Here’s an extreme example. People who believe they are being holy and honoring God by handling poisonous snakes in a church meeting. I hope every reader on my list can see that this is just not right. They actually have a Scripture for it. But I am absolutely certain it does NOT mean what they think it does.

Another example is Cain and Abel. Both guys thought they were doing something holy. When God didn’t accept Cain’s offering, Cain didn’t say he was sorry, would do better. He got angry enough that he actually killed his brother. Abel’s offering was holy, according to God’s plan, but Cain’s offering was profane because it wasn’t what God had said. Remember, God is a real nitpicker. We should believe that. But like Cain, we want to believe what we are doing is OK — no matter what the Bible says. And we get mad when someone challenges us.

Here’s the take away: 1) We must do God’s thing God’s way. 2) When correction comes, we should not get defensive/angry. 3) We should never think of killing the person we disagree with. These days, we desperately need to have discernment. What others put out may look pretty good at first glance. But we need to examine, check it out in Scripture and discuss with others who know the Word and can help us with discerning what spirit is driving the things we see, even in, no — especially in church.

If I didn’t care, I’d turn off my computer and devote myself more to my home and family. I wouldn’t sit for hours writing, researching, seeking God’s will. But, we can’t run away from what He has for us. He can run much longer than we can. David ran away, and wrote, “If I made my bed in hell, you would find me there!” It is a destiny we cannot escape. Like Jesus, we must set our face toward Jerusalem, where we take up our cross and began our journey up to the hill of our destiny, following in His steps. If we fall, we get back up and keep going. Remember, even Jesus needed help getting up that hill. People like me want to help others we see along the way because we care about and for the sheep The Shepherd died for.

My dear friends: I have no greater joy than to know that you are prospering spiritually and have a sound, healthy doctrine. 3 John 2

Charlene Reams Manning

Believer in the Lord Jesus Messiah

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One thought on “If I Didn’t Care

  1. The voice of the prophet needs to come forth in this hour. Anyone can speak itching ear words, but to speak the truth at a time when its unpopular and to speak it with all the passion of the fire shut up in your bones, well that is what we need in this hour… We need correction and rebuke our nation and our children have heard enough lies and enough false doctrines…The church cannot be contained in buildings, it cannot afford to be suppressed under a jezebel, Balaam , nicolatian hierarchy any longer…

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