Just Showing Up

Weekly Sabbath Survey

Just Showing Up — 11-8-2014

Somebody said, “Ninety percent of being a success in life is just showing up,” If our definition of ‘success’ is to have lived a good life thinking of others and devoting ourselves to the Lord and His ministry to them, I certainly believe this adage to be true. To me, life isn’t about being a success in business or making a lot of money or a big name for oneself. It’s about how we lived with the people who knew us best. What they think isn’t all there is to it, but it is an important part. Family and friends to an extent, define who we are.

Over a lifetime, I have shown up for many things I’m invited to or had an interest in. If anybody I know or care about were involved in something, I tried my best to attend. I’m not as good at it the past few years. I’ve been slowing down, but I still have that feeling of needing and wanting to be there.

Back in September, my sister’s High School Class of ’64 held their 50th reunion. A friend of us both from that class called me and asked me if I knew my sister had returned her registration form with ‘unble to attend’ checked. I said I didn’t know, but I would follow up. I called my sister and urged her to go. I told her she might regret it later it if she didn’t go. So, she and her husband attended and had a blast. I think our high school reunions get better with time. We reach an age where those old disagreements and silly competitions just don’t matter any more. Everybody has started coming as themselves, rather than the person they hoped people thought they were!

I attended a memorial service this past week for a classmate back in my hometown of Del Rio, Texas. (150 miles due west of San Antonio.) The two of us and three other classmates were great friends through high school and beyond. So much so that a few years back we named ourselves The Ya-Ya’s and had a ‘just for us’ mini-reunion in Del Rio. We had a fun weekend, making a Ya-Ya scrapbook, telling stories of high school, our growing up years, even some secrets we had never told the others before. In our group together over the years, we endured one being widowed with a 6 week old baby (Viet Nam war), the sudden death of another’s grown son, the loss of ALL our parents but one Mama, and divorces way too numerous and traumatic. In our roughest times, we leaned on one or two of the group, if not all. If anybody qualified to be Ya-Ya’s it’s us.

Class reunions, weddings, graduations, barn dances, rodeos, barbecues and other Texas shebangs are all fairly easy to show up for. Except for the funerals. So much goes through your mind at the finality of this event, it can be scary. I’ve heard people say, “I just don’t like funerals.” I go to all that I can, but not because I like it. I go to give of my energy and love to the ones who are grieving and feeling weak. “A burden shared with others is diminished” is how I look at it. At this stage in life, many of us have legitimate reasons sometimes for being unable to attend. But not liking funerals isn’t a legit reason.

People really appreciate the gestures we make for them, no matter what the occasion. Our success at being a good person goes up because of those gestures. At the recent funeral, the only surviving Ya-Ya parent said to me: “You sent me a card a while back, maybe it was my birthday (she’s 91), and I want you to know how much I appreciated that and the sweet words you wrote.” She remembered. The tears in her eyes made me so glad I “just showed up” for her daughter’s funeral, and she could feel my love in person. The big efforts we make and even the small ones, add up with time and we are making an impact on the world, for good, making it a better place, one little God-moment after another.

Our lives are not our own. From the womb to the tomb we are connected to others. And with every kindness and every crime, we birth the future. (copied)

Charlene Reams Manning

Believer in the Lord Jesus Messiah

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