Like a Duck

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Like a Duck — 10-11-2014

Over the years, I have longed to reach a time of real peace, a rest within, a ceasing of struggle to get this Walk with Jesus ‘right.’ I have moments when it feels good. I breathe a sigh of satisfaction. But those moments are always fleeting and leave me feeling disappointed. I feel sort of back to the beginning of building up to a better person than who and what I am. I have even made the remark when speaking to others and to the Lord, “I have been at this for X years and this is the best I can do?”

The Lord showed me something about all this. It’s not a new thing, but just one I had not pondered sufficiently. When we stub our toe or even fall flat on our face, (spiritually speaking) we sometimes get the feeling that all the progress we had made was an illusion, a part we were playing. We learned it and could ‘do’ it for a while, but eventually we fell out of character and went back to our same old self. Who is it that would tell us all this? “I’m a fake and not the real thing in Jesus”? Whose voice is it?

We MUST consider the one whose ‘ministry’ is discouraging and accusing the Saints of God. “It” is a spirit who tempts us to sin. More times than not, the temptation starts as discouragement and depression. Believers have joy, so anything less could be sin! Our enemy invites us to think of ourselves as NOT The Redeemed of the Lord; to think we are less than who/what that name REDEEMED says we are. Not that we think too highly of ourselves, but certainly we should not think less than we should.

The cure is to stop wallowing, stop listening to the wrong voice, and get back in the race. There are no ribbons for ‘participation’ in the Believers race. We all run to WIN. There is no First Place, Second Place. All who cross the finish line are winners. We win as long as we don’t give up and quit!

There will never be a time on Earth when seeking-after-righteousness-Saints can wake up every day feeling fulfilled and perfect and in deep peace. Everyone of us who is chasing after God, will have regular times of divine discontentment with everything: this world, our fellow Believers, and ourselves. It will never be good enough or time to cease the struggle until we have crossed over and are in the presence of the One who loves us and gave Himself for us. Meanwhile, we can’t let our failures make us inactive.

Once I was driving along crying out to God: where is the peace, Lord, where is the victory?? My enemies are breathing down my neck, my ministry is being slandered, my children are mocked because of their fanatical Mama. Where is the peace?!!? At that moment I was driving on a dirt road from my country home going into town. I glanced over at the cemetery as I passed by and the Lord said this: “There is peace in the grave yard, but as long as you are still alive, at times it is going to be war!” I recalled in that moment, “Peace is not the absence of conflict, but the presence of the Lord.” I was comforted immediately.

The reason why some of us feel so beat up is that we have forgotten we are in a fight! My eyes were opened that day, and I still remind myself often of the fight that goes on down here. For me and everybody like me, there will never be a Saintly little ol’ lady peace. But we can be like a duck gliding peacefully in the lake. “Duck” people move rather gracefully through life seemingly without a care, but behind that sweet smile, beneath that calm sea of glass exterior, they are paddling like crazy.

Be careful–watch out for attacks from the devil, our great enemy. He prowls around like a roaring lion looks for prey he may tear apart. Stand firm in the faith. Trust in the Lord and remember other Believers all over the world are going through this same warfare. I Peter 5:8-9

Charlene Reams Manning

Believer in the Lord Jesus Messiah

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