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Memory — 8-16-2014

Today’s offering is food for thought, a way to suggest just how mighty our God is, and how He thought out everything when He was creating the heavens and the Earth by His great power. We who belong to Him are where we are now, born into the family we were, by design, not chance. Somehow we each are an important part of a grand design, created so we may contribute ourselves to God’s plan in our corner of the world. Our memories, even the hidden ones, are a very big part of all this.

I don’t believe in reincarnation: the idea of past lives lived by us, as human beings or as animals. I have always considered that notion as just plainly fantastical, bordering on ridiculous, and, of course, pagan in origin. I do believe in a Creator who created the heavens, the Earth, and all things that live here. I believe MEMORY is something given by Him to insure survival of what He made. I believe in inherited memory (aka genetic memory) through DNA or other genetic material, for humankind, animals, and maybe even plants. Some would call it instinct, inherited gifts, but by whatever name we give, it is apparent, and has been proven in scientific experiments. Some people, animals and plants seem to just KNOW things.

This hidden memory is what makes a little Pointer puppy go on point at butterflies, frogs and other things encountered while exploring. It makes birds know how to build a nest perfect to its species. It enables adult sea turtles to find their way back to the exact place in all the beaches of the world, where they were hatched, so that they can hatch the next generation. It makes the newly hatched baby turtles race over the sand toward the sea where they are safe from the predators that attend the hatching party every year.

It makes some of our children seem to “know” things way advanced of their age for such understanding or talent. It offers explanation for the family that is ‘musical’ or other ones whose members excel at sports or other specialties. It is the “why” of our knowing the “how” of things we never learned — it was just there.

Have you ever wondered about families that have a dynasty of stage and movie actors or dancers? A family with five generations of preachers? A family with special ability in medicine from father to son, mother to daughter— doctors and nurses down the family line for years.

This inherited memory might also be the answer for those who experience deja vu, or firmly believe they once lived as a poor scullery maid in the Middle Ages in England. It could be the reason historical reenactments and Renaissance Fairs are such popular diversions, and why some of us particularly enjoy movies from days long gone: stories of the Old West, the days of Shakespeare or Mozart, or ones like Ben Hur that take us back to Bible days.

We dream of places we never went and see scenes we never saw, but they are real because they are secreted away in the marvelous things we inherited from generations of our ancestors who went before us. Our fears, our phobias, our preferences, our gifting and talents and penchants — those things about us that make us who we are, may be coming from something deposited in the family gene pool long before we were born. We are bound to our past and tied to our future by a divine generational connectedness that God Himself put in us from the beginning. He also included in every one of us, a longing to know Him. Whether we acknowledge it or not, it is there. From the beginning.

Now, do not despair if your family gene pool doesn’t offer anything obvious like the performing arts or medicine. Or, you are adopted and have no idea what is “in there.” Whatever is good in your genetic makeup, will be brought out and maximized when the Holy Spirit gets ahold of you. As you press yourself into God, He begins changing you into the image of Himself, which is ALWAYS worthy, beautiful, and talented. You are and are becoming, a treasure to Him and a help to mankind.

I will praise you: for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvelous are your works; and my soul (spirit) knows this for sure. Psalm 139:14

Charlene Reams Manning

Believer in the Lord Jesus Messiah

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