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Sunrise~Sunset — 8-9-2014

We hear/read the term “Day of the Lord” and come up with various meanings, most of which have to do with the End of the World, the return of Jesus. This word DAY doesn’t always mean 24 hours. It can mean a large block of time. “Day” means a certain time with a beginning and an end. We are living now in the Day for the Lord, and have been for over 2,000 years, which is, a couple of days to YHVH. He doesn’t keep time the way we do.

One of the names of Jesus is “Bright and Morning Star.” When His star appeared in the eastern sky, the Wisemen saw it. It signaled the dawning of The Day of the Lord. Earth days begin with sunrise, soon after the Morning Star appears. So was the birth of Jesus, signaling sunrise of the Day of the Lord. Over these 2,000 years, the sun has risen high, as belief in the Son of God spread like wild fire through the nations of the world. There was an eclipse that men called “The Middle Ages.” The sun was hard to see in that dark time of corruption in the church leadership, and Bibles chained to the pulpits, the Word of God denied to the average person. But no eclipse lasts forever. This one went away and the light of the Son was shining brightly again. We had some very cloudy times, where the sun was obscured. We named those times for the wars and the plagues that took place. But the Son was still there even if we couldn’t see Him.

It seems High Noon of The Day of the Lord occurred at the end of WW2. The clouds broke and the devil was defeated in a shootout of epic proportions: the OK Corral of War. We called it D-Day, Victory in Europe-Day and Victory in Japan-Day. This marked the end of an era in earthly time, as the United State of America, the unmatched bulwark of Christianity, stood head and shoulders above every other nation. It was our time in the sun and the Son. But it wasn’t long before prosperity caught up with us, and just as the Bible warns, we forgot the God who gave us such a victory over a hideous enemy. We ate and drank and grew fat. The sun started to go down on the Day of the Lord.

When the sun sets on this “Day” it will give way to rising of another Son, as earth and its sun go away and the never-ending eternal day begins. In that eternal day of a New Heaven and a New Earth, there will be no sun. The light of God’s glory is all we will need. Now there are questions: How far down toward to western horizon is the sun? And when will we see the Son of Righteousness arise in the eastern sky with Healing in His wings and Judgment in His sword? If it took 2.000 years to get to High Noon, will it be that long ’til sunset? Again, we are reminded that God doesn’t own a Rolex or even a Timex. So on His time table, we have no clear idea. But there are a few clues.

As the Bible says, a nation was born in a day [Isaiah 66:7-9] when David Ben-Gurion declared the sovereign State of Israel on May 14, 1948 with the United Nations concurring. British control of “Palestine” ended officially on May 15th, with the creation of a nation for the Jews (Israel). Another part of the Palestine territory under British Mandate was given to the Arabs in the area. It is called Jordan. On May 16th, a well-armed coalition of neighboring Arab nations, including Jordan, attacked the tiny newborn and poorly armed nation of Israel for the first time. The Arabs lost in that conflict, of course, and Israel annexed certain areas as spoils of war. Not much has changed since then, except Israel giving up land to appease their monstrous enemy, without success, of course. The establishment of the nation of Israel is a miracle, predicted in the Bible by several prophets. This was the first jump of the clock past High Noon.

There are many indicators of our rapid advance toward sunset. Here are a few: 1) Development of warfare technology for new and improved ways to kill large numbers of people, starting with the Atomic Bomb. 2) Developments in other areas of technology that thrust the world into a high tech less “human” life, with hand held devices and satellites that make it possible for the whole world to view live, on their phones, any event as it unfolds. This clarifies with technology, the Scripture about the whole world watching the murder and resurrection 3 days later of the two witnesses sent by the Lord to preach in Jerusalem (Revelation 11); 3) Medical advances: genetic engineering of animals and people, organ transplants, keeping brain-dead people “alive” for years, replacing joints and limbs with “bionic” parts. 4) NASA: In our ignorance, we have become wise. We’re “boldly going where no man has ever gone before” like Star Trek and the Tower of Babel. Of all the signs we can list, this one is the most troubling, most abhorrent to God. (In my opinion).

When you have eaten and are full, then you shall bless the Lord for the good land He has given you . . . Beware that you do not forget the Lord your God. Deuteronomy 8:10-11

Charlene Reams Manning

Believer in the Lord Jesus Messiah

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One thought on “Sunrise-Sunset

  1. What a great convincing journey through the ages of how the Son has shined and how darkness has crept into the Church and the world. More pride, more bombs, more wars and yes a rapid advance towards sunset! I hope people heed this and get ready for HIS RETURN!

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