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How Does God Know Me — 8-2-2014

It is important that we know God and are known by Him. Jesus said there would be people who had worked in ministry with His name on it, but He will tell them at the end, “I never knew you.” It is important that we are known by Him.

There are three levels of intimacy with the Lord. As new believers, we come to Jesus as our Savior, like little children. As Savior, He knows us as His lambs: Baby Believer level. Then later, we come to call Him “Lord.” As we come to know Him as Lord or Master or King or Father, we have moved up into full sonship, grown up Sons of God, who help Him administer His Kingdom. This is also called the Servant level. This is the place for those who have learned obedience and a measure of responsibility. At this level each one is part of the backbone of the Kingdom of God, the pillars in the House of God.

Times have changed, but God has not. He is still looking for people who, like Mary the Mother of Jesus, are willing to move into a dimension beyond that of a servant or minister or even son/daughter. They are willing to give birth to the things of God for the day. This is not the call for very many of us, but for those who hear it, it is our destiny, our privilege. This third level of knowing Him is the Wife level. It is a level of greater trust and greater responsibility. This is the level of intimacy people who are constantly pursuing His presence and His righteousness, desire to know. They want to hear this call from Him.

Let me say here, there is no condemnation for those who do not hear at this level. We all serve Him. He calls at various decibels, and we respond to what we hear. Some fields yield a 30 percent increase at harvest, some 60 percent, and others 100 percent. (Jesus said).

Those who attempt to minister at this third level, must not only know God, but allow Him to know them. This word know in Scripture, when referring to God or Jesus knowing us, is the same as “Adam knew his wife and she bear a son.” It is the Biblical word for physical intimacy. This level is the most difficult to attain because the enemy of our souls uses every resource he has to stop us from understanding it, from embracing it, and from living it. The demonic distortion in our time of this experience among humans makes it difficult to think God has much to do with it. So, some of us are repelled by this kind of teaching.

Think of it as God putting some truth or plan into your heart, to be kept and carried and thought about for a while before He tells you it is time to bring it forth and say it out loud. You are “hatching” a plan for God! The only physical experience going with these encounters is a peace and presence that is outside the heart and mind, maybe feeling His touch on your skin. You may have a sensation of feeling almost weightless as your body is buoyed up in the Spirit when His presence surrounds you. The experiences may vary from time to time and person to person. I have compared it for myself, to the day I repented of my sins and received the salvation of the Lord, and His Holy Spirit upon me. God meets us at the time of His choosing in a way also of His choosing. We do not decide when this will happen. God does. But it always comes at a time when you can stop what you are doing and acknowledge Him.

People who “know” God this way have great times of mental and/or physical healing in His presence. They are touched by the Living God at a very deep level. The result for them is a birthing of a more lively wisdom, power, and ministry, a greater joy, a sweeter grace, a stronger faithfulness, and a heavier anointing of Holy Spirit. This anointing can sometimes be seen by others, most usually by a ‘glow’ of the face, sometimes described as a ‘beaming’. (Reminds me of Moses’ face when he came down from the mountain with a glow on his face received over 40 days constantly in God’s presence.)

My determined purpose is that I may know Him, know the wonder of His person, the glory of His presence, and the power of His resurrection, even to the point of sharing His suffering. (Philippians 3:10).

Charlene Reams Manning

Believer in the Lord Jesus Messiah

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