The 5th of July

Weekly Sabbath Survey

The 5th of July — 7-5-2014

I didn’t do anything special by e-mail to note the day yesterday: the 4th of July. That day has been huge for 200 years thereabouts. I got several e-mails from others referring to our nation’s birthday and calling for prayers for America. Some lamented the loss of freedom as our own “Big Brother” government is spying on everybody, foreign and domestic. As I pondered all these things, the day moved along and I asked myself this question: How can I pray in such a time as this? Now that the celebration is over, the firecrackers popped, the grilled brisket/chicken eaten, where do we go from here with this nation, starting today, on the 5th of July? The Lord dropped an answer into my heart. I will render it here as faithfully as I can.

Our Father is wearied with our worship of “The Greatest Nation in the World.” He wants us to worship Him. The most revered patriots over these 200 plus years have been admirable people, some of them were true Born Again Believers. All of them put their lives on the line for what they believed was best for this country. But none of those are worthy of our deepest devotion and praise. And our God is a jealous God.

I live in Texas, which is, as most people know, the greatest State in the Union, and also, if you believe the ads for tourism, it is “A Whole Other Country.” Dirty little street urchins in foreign countries come up to American tourists and say “Texas” as they beg for pennies. (Too many old western movies we exported.) The pride in our State is very strong and it is hard NOT to catch it. I have friends who moved here a few years ago from another state. They told me they thought we Texans were just over the top braggadocios, but the longer they live here, the more they see the hype is TRUE. It is an awesome place to live. We have beautiful vistas, the ocean, mountains and the Plains. And we have “Remember the Alamo” to boot. In downtown San Antonio, where the Alamo still stands, the streets are named Crockett, Bowie, and Travis. You walk on those streets in the shadow of the history of Texas and America.

BUT, we Believers must come to the reality of our truest citizenship in HEAVEN. We can do the best we can for our nation and our state, but they won’t last forever. Heaven will. We have to stop worshipping the memory of our dead heroes and worship GOD. We should give honor to whom honor is due, but our worship and adoration belongs to the One it is due, as well. The person who gets a tear in their eye when singing the National Anthem or “The Eyes of Texas” but never sheds a single tear for the Man who died on the cross for their sins, that person needs to reset his/her priorities. The reason why America is in such need of our prayers is because America have lost its roots in FAITH, and that pure devotion to God. As I am mourning the loss of our freedoms and the increase in secularism and false religions, I remember a Bible verse saying “A nation is blessed if their God is the Lord.” If we wonder why this country isn’t as favored in the world as it used to be, isn’t as blessed and free as it once was, that verse is could be the answer. Our God is no longer the Lord. Like typical pagans, we have several gods: money and power at the top of this list.

In our race for equality for all, we have allowed foreigners with strange religions to gain preeminence over our Founding Faith. In the interest of diversity, our children learn about Ramadan and Kwanza, but are not allowed to speak of Jesus or the Bible or even to celebrate Christmas in their public schools. We stretch ourselves to accommodate people of all kinds of weird and/or ungodly persuasions, but overt expression of Bible values is considered “hateful.’ (Ask Phil Robertson about that.)

The 5th of July is a good time to look deep into ourselves. Are professing Believers walking in the Holy Spirit and power? Is God our Lord? Do we change the atmosphere when we walk into a room without saying a word about Jesus — just shining the light of His Holy Spirit into the place? Maybe this is another answer to the ‘why’ question, and a possible cure, at least for Believers. It’s the Spirit in us everywhere we go.

Now the Lord is that Spirit: and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.

2 Corinthians 3:17

Charlene Reams Manning

Believer in the Lord Jesus Messiah

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