Blow the Trumpet in Zion

Weekly Sabbath Survey
Blow the Trumpet in Zion  —  6-7-2014
Today’s offering is more of a Bible study and application than a testimony or teaching like I usually do. The Scripture may be familiar to some of my readers. A long time ago, these verses were made into a song that we sang with great gusto. It could really get the energy pumping!  I loved it and danced around many times to its music, thinking (along most everyone else) that the song was about us: God’s Army.
I learned the awful truth eventually when my first time reading through the Bible took me to the Book of Joel. And there it was! Chapter One begins with God’s prophet telling the people that everything was going to be eaten by locusts and worms and the nation would be plunged into a severe and widespread drought. The drunkards should cry because there would be no more wine. (no grapes, no wine, no figs, nothing for an offering.) He tells them to mourn like a virgin whose espoused husband died before they could be married. He told them to howl and be ashamed as the wheat and barley fields were wasted. (no bread.) He told the priests to howl and put on sackcloth. He told them to call a fast and gather the elders unto the Lord and CRY to Him.
Then in Chapter Two (verse 1) he says the part we are so familiar with: “Blow ye the trumpet in Zion, and sound the alarm on my holy mountain: let all the inhabitants of the land tremble: for the Day of the Lord is coming, it is very near at hand.” Then in the next verses he talks about great darkness, and a plague of locusts like nothing ever seen before, their wings made a noise like chariots and horses, and unimaginable devastation will be left when they pass through the land. He describes how they will move so fast, they run up the city walls, in a solid mass of themselves with no space between them, and they cannot be killed. There are so many of them the earth will shake and they will cloud the sky. Then, he warns, “The Lord shall utter His voice before his army (the locusts); for their camp is very great, these ones who carry out God’s word (the locusts) are strong. The song we sang is NOT a happy thing, nothing to celebrate.
Joel goes on to give God’s advice to the people, “Turn you even to Me with all your heart and with fasting, and with weeping and with mourning; tear your heart, not your garments, and turn to the Lord your God: for He is gracious and merciful, slow to anger, and of great kindness, and will change His mind about the evil He would send.”  But the people mostly did not listen to the prophets of their own day. They venerated them generations later long after they died, but hated them in their living years.
Today’s current events point to a time similar to Joel’s day, which many watchers feel would be the End Times trouble for the world. It began with the 9-11 attack on the invincible United States of America. The Book of Revelation speaks of locusts and worldwide disasters that cause people and animals to die, the earth to be burned, famine and sickness rampant, and so on. All very similar to Joel’s predictions. When any Godly society, be it Jewish or Christian, turns away from its foundation in the principles of God’s word, it follows that the hand of blessing over that nation will be withdrawn. We still have individual blessings on the faithful and even some ‘luck’ for the ones not so faithful, but nothing will stop what is coming. No president, no Tea Party, no political reformer, no man-ordained revival—NOTHING will thwart the Plan of God. 
Remember after 9-11 the terrified packed our churches to where you couldn’t even sit in your own pew? Did you ever?!  But in a small space of time, we went back to business as usual. BYW, so did the people who did 9-11. We went back to our complacency and slumber, and the terrorists went back to planning worse things for our future. But, today seems to be a good time to read the Bible and see what it says along these lines of thought. There isn’t a single Rolex or Mercedes to be found in those sacred pages. But it might just scare the devil out of some of us. Maybe it’s time to blow the trumpet in America. Sound the alarm! And make us start thinking about that “beam me up, Jesus” thing we’ve been hearing about all our lives.  
I looked, and lo, a Lamb stood on the Mount Zion, and with Him were 144,000 people who had His Father’s name written in their foreheads.  Revelation 14:1
Charlene Reams Manning
Believer in the Lord Jesus Messiah

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