Dysfunctional Earth

Weekly Sabbath  Survey
Dysfunctional Earth   —  2014
The following is a word  definition study. It is an important  lesson that opens our understanding to the whole thing about Good and Evil and  Earth’s “fallen” condition. 
        The word used  by God after He created the heavens and the earth was ‘tov.’ We call it  ‘good.’
        But the meaning  of this word tov is not just ‘acceptable or useful.’ It is ‘functioning  like a
        well oiled  machine.’  The planets in our solar system, the creation of plants and  animals,
        EVERYTHING HAD AN  ORDER and was working perfectly, it was “tov.” What we call 
        GOOD, Hebrew  calls “functional.”
        The word wicked or evil  is not the same in Hebrew as our definition in America. Evil and

        wickedness to us  is Ted Bundy or Hitler. We think wickedness in our religion is worshipping 
        satan, cussing,  and getting drunk.
        However, in  Hebrew the word here for wickedness  is ‘ra.’  Ra Is an evil that is  different from just
        mean and  murderous. As one author put it, ra is like taking a mixing bowl a woman uses 
        every  day to  mix her eggs and flour and milk for making bread  and then  taking the  bowl
        and  smashing it into pieces. Now you have “ra.” The bowl is no longer  functional.
        ‘Ra’ began on the  Earth in the Garden of Eden, when the ultimate dysfunction  was 
        introduced to us. Our eyes were  opened to know not just ‘tov’ but also ‘ra’. The humans
        were banned from  the Garden of Life (Eden). After that, humans begin to pollute the  earth,
        to misuse it  and abuse it. We have killed the fish and wildlife and  mistreated the animals             
        we domesticated,  we moved on in our ‘ra’ dysfunction and greed to find ways to  make toxic
        drugs and chemicals that destroy our bodies,  our lands and waters, and then we found ever
        worsening ways to  destroy each other  through personal violence on our neighbors and in wars.  
        So, we now  have full-blown DYSFUNCTION, our hope is nothing but  Jesus. ~
So, God has functional order and (now) Earth has dysfunction and disorder.  We get glimpses at times of what ORDER is. Miraculous events that defy Earth’s  chaotic ways. We see order enough that we want to make it happen, but most of  the time, whatever efforts we do has little lasting or widespread results. No  matter how many ways we employ to ‘fix’ our dysfunctional Earth and  dysfunctional humanity, we are still left with the ramifications of  the true definition of the word ‘ra,’ No amount of “Save the Whales”  or adopt a Chinese orphan, or any other improvements we do, will save us. We  are struck by the truth of the utter hopelessness of our pathetic efforts to  do anything that could ever redeem our planet or its people. Even  a Noah’s flood do-over can’t help us.
We see droughts, tidal wave floods, deadly winter storms, merciless  tornadoes and hurricanes. Even nature is out of order! The perfection of Eden  will never be achieved on this earth. We name our towns and valleys ‘Paradise’  and ‘Utopia’ but cruelty stalks the land as we kill one another. We  have wars and famines and other disasters worldwide. The breakdown of society is  evident with marriage and monogamy becoming old fashioned ideas for many of  us. Honesty and hard work on the job is not so much rewarded as treachery,  conniving, and manipulation. Morality is just an outdated idea as  we stumble along with what the Bible calls “every man doing that which  is right in his own eyes.”  We just make up our own rules as we go  along. Truth and justice are antiquated mores that no longer apply for the  majority of earth’s population. The prisons are full, and we are still not  saved! 
Once again, we are down to Just Jesus.  There is  no perfection anywhere else. The degree of dysfunction is too much for us to  overcome. It doesn’t mean we don’t try, it just means that deep down,  we should be very aware that the only cure is the return of Yeshua ha  Meshiach. He will set things in order and make way for what the Father has  prepared for those who love Him.  

The new heavens  and the new Earth will not be a simple reboot: it’s a substantial upgrade,  a metamorphosis, even. In the new creation everything will be made  new. Some of this we have a tasted of today through Yeshua,  including right relationship with God, love and forgiveness, and healing.  The new version will never have sin or dysfunction. It will feature the  eradication of all evil, sickness, and death, as well as God’s personal presence  in the New Jerusalem, with us forever on New Earth. I’m looking  forward to it!

I saw new heaven and new earth; for the first heaven and  first earth were passed away. And I, John, saw the holy city, New Jerusalem,  coming down from God out of the heavens, prepared as a bride adorned for  her husband.   Revelation 21:1-2  (see 2 Peter  3)  
Charlene  Reams Manning
Believer  in the Lord Jesus Messiah
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