Dysfunctional Earth


Weekly Sabbath  Survey
Dysfunctional Earth   —  2014
The following is a word  definition study. It is an important  lesson that opens our understanding to the whole thing about Good and Evil and  Earth’s “fallen” condition. 
        The word used  by God after He created the heavens and the earth was ‘tov.’ We call it  ‘good.’
        But the meaning  of this word tov is not just ‘acceptable or useful.’ It is ‘functioning  like a
        well oiled  machine.’  The planets in our solar system, the creation of plants and  animals,
        EVERYTHING HAD AN  ORDER and was working perfectly, it was “tov.” What we call 
        GOOD, Hebrew  calls “functional.”
        The word wicked or evil  is not the same in Hebrew as our definition in America. Evil and
        wickedness to us  is Ted Bundy or Hitler. We think wickedness in our religion is worshipping 
        satan, cussing,  and getting drunk.
        However, in  Hebrew the word here for…

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