Weekly Sabbath  Survey
Anointing  —   3-8-2014
A while ago, I read another person’s blog concerning the  de-emphasis we are seeing when it comes to ANOINTING. It seemed  more than a coincidence that I had this very thing on my mind! Maybe the  abuses by some of us have made everybody steer away from this very  legitimate and Biblical necessity. Maybe it just seems old hat for those of us  who have been in ‘Pentecost’ for most of our lives, so we take it for  granted. Stated bluntly, this procedure is a MUST for anyone who claims to speak  for God or has anything to do in ministry of ANY kind. Those who are not  anointed are like someone using a vacuum cleaner without plugging it in.  It isn’t efficient and it will WEAR OUT THE ONE DOING THE WORK. Without  anointing, we are not trusting Holy Spirit (our power source) to work with us,  we are trusting our own strength (flesh) to get the work done. We need to be  ‘plugged in.’  We all received the Holy Spirit in us when we were  saved. That is inside, The Anointing is outside, the Spirit ON us, along  with IN us.
I wonder if we have a generation of people coming of age who  have no understanding of what anointing is. Simply put, it is the power of  God working through a person, and His personal stamp of approval on them as His  minister. Anointing with oil was and is the symbol of the Holy Spirit upon us.  You can read about it in the Old Testament and in the Book of Acts,  and rest assured that it did not go away for Believers as time moved along.  There have always been anointed people in the congregation of the Lord  worldwide, but maybe not in every church. There is anointing on people, on  teachings, and even on certain places. That word is another way to  say “the presence of the Holy Spirit” on something or someone. That  presence gives extraordinary life and power to ordinary people, ordinary  words and ordinary things.   
The absence of anointing has left a vacuum in God’s  people as individuals and Christendom as a whole, so we have little or  no anointing. This vacuum creates a space where other things can come in or  be employed to replace the missing power of God. Here are a few things we see  that take the place of true anointing: Eloquent beautiful persuasive speaking or  writing or the alternative raised voice and ranting to drive home a  point. Clergy and choir wearing flowing robes looking all  heavenly. Contrived rehearsed order of service that is repeated with ritual  and pomp time after time. A ‘holy’ atmosphere with stained glass and other  decorations. ‘Star’ quality with showy riches, jewelry, designer clothes,  fancy cars, past their prime youthful leaders with “hip” expressions of  speech. Big  screens, big amplifiers, big music. Entertaining  skits performed to illustrate the sermon. Frenzy and hype can work the  crowd into a mass hysteria of weird manifestations: duck quaking, dog  barking, rooster crowing, and any other thing the devil can throw in to make  God’s people look like a bunch of lunatics. Gold dust forming in mid air and  floating down. I have personally SEEN this ‘gold’ phenomenon. I still  cannot explain how it was done or by whom. It doesn’t matter. It only succeeded  in getting the crowd starry eyed and woozy because of the “miracle” and  focused us on the great speaker rather than the One who loves us and gave  Himself for us!
All this because we refuse the TRUE power of God. Then,  we exchange it for either pomp and circumstance with no life in it at all,  or a fruitcake experience of this, that and the other which has the WRONG life  in it (human or demonic) OR, we have a combination of those two that falls into  a category all its own. And we wonder why church attendance is dropping every  year. And, why there are so few genuine healings and miracles. And why  young people only gravitate to those ministries that give them a soft word  and a pat on the head as they rush out the door each Sunday to pursue  their comfy, yuppy American lifestyle. 
People of God, who name the name of Jesus!  We must turn  from false anointing, from comfortable ‘light word’ teaching and preaching,  from false doctrines that don’t convict of sin or call for deeper commitment to  the Lord, and from any happening that smacks of a spirit other than  the same Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead!  With that Spirit, we can find a true anointing of righteousness  and power.                  
You shall receive power after the Holy Ghost is come upon you . . . Acts 1:8   
Charlene  Reams Manning
Believer  in the Lord Jesus Messiah
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