Seeing and Hearing


Weekly Sabbath  Survey
Seeing and Hearing   —  2014
There are  many interesting Bible stories that we can glean for understanding in the Lord.  For the most part, from the Scriptures we have on the subject, people who join  up with Jesus are supposed to be willing to see, hear, and respond  accordingly.
Think about Moses. He grew up in Pharoah’s palace as an adopted  son. But his sympathy for the Jewish people (his people), caused him to be too  zealous about helping them. In his frustration, he killed an Egyptian citizen  and ran for his life. He spent the next 40 years among the Medianites,  maybe pretty content with the quiet life of a sheep herder. Then,  one day he saw a bush burning brightly and was curious why  it didn’t burn up. It flamed but was not consumed. He went near and  heard the voice of God speaking to him. This encounter led  to the deliverance of Israel from Egypt.
Years later, an interesting character appeared in the area of the sea of  Galilee and simply said, “Follow me.” The fisherman who saw Him  and heard Him dropped their nets and went with Him. The simple  invitation from this most charismatic person was all it took for them to just  GO. They may have known Him or heard of Him through the grape vine.  But  seeing and hearing Him that day caused them to spring into  action.
Then, there was Saul, riding a donkey on his way to Damascus to  persecute a new sect in Judaism called Believers In The  Way. They were messianic in their thinking. This disturbed  the Jewish religious leaders, who wanted this group stamped out and gone.  Saul was carrying signed documents from the leaders in Jerusalem giving him  permission to seek out “Believers,” take them to trial and have them stoned  to death. His journey was interrupted when he was knocked off his donkey by  an unseen force, and was blinded. His  companions heard thunder, but Saul clearly heard the  voice of Jesus, and he was never the same.
I have heard people say, “I never had a burning  bush or knocked off a donkey experience, but . . .” and then they go  on to describe how they joined their church as a child or got baptized in  the river at camp or went forward in a church service to declare  themselves for Jesus in a calm and unemotional manner.
The truth is we ALL need a burning bush or other extreme and unforgettable  experience to seal us in our faith. We need to hear or  see something that is so extreme it makes us KNOW that we need  to be saved; to know we need to follow the One that comes with the  extreme experience in God. After seeing and hearing, we must have some  equally radical change in our lives, as we act upon what we saw and heard. We who are too timid and fearful to investigate the  burning bush, or too stubborn to believe an event like this is real, or too  reluctant to answer when He calls —>  these are the ones who  may miss the day of their visitation. Jesus spoke of the majority of  the people living in the City of Jerusalem not knowing the day of  their visitation. They saw Him, heard Him, but did not act upon it. When the controversy  surrounding Him got too heated for them, they went back from following Him.   
We should continue to experience the Lord in ways that reiterate the  original experience. We need to hear and see Him again and again. It is what keeps changing us from glory to glory as we walk  with Him toward eternity. For most, it becomes a gentle voice speaking to  our mind/heart, but there are some of us who have actually heard an audible  voice or had some other wonderful spiritual experiences. These encounters can  happen throughout our lives, for our salvation, encouragement,  instruction, and correction. We turn aside to see  and hear, and act  upon these supernatural manifestations of our  faith. Without the supernatural, we are a lot like the Lion’s Club or other  “good deed” organizations. 
We who dwell in the presence of Almighty God, YHVH, are destined  to be supernatural beings. What we do in the supernatural here could be  “practice” for eternity. 
Moses said, I will now turn aside, and see why the  bush is not burnt.”  And when the Lord saw that he turned aside to see, God  called to Him out of the midst of the bush.  Exodus  3:3
Charlene  Reams Manning
Believer  in the Lord Jesus Messiah
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