An Observation

Weekly  Sabbath Survey
An Observation   —  2-8-2014
Pete Seeger died recently. Hearing his music on the news  took me way back to my time at The University of Texas where I was  introduced to the world of folk singers: Joan Baez, Bob Dylan. I guess I have  come full circle. Protest songs and flower child simplicity are starting to make  sense again.
As I was listening to the old songs and thinking back to a more  innocent time in my life, I was surprised when they said that Pete was brought  up before Congress and charged with having Communist leanings. He  wasn’t convicted of anything and went his way. I wondered about the songs about  equality and everybody being OK, a society of love. What was it in us that made  us SO opposed to the Communist doctrine, since it sounded a lot like  Christianity? In practice it was horrible and it grieves me that in  the current ‘free’ state in Russia, members of the party are running for  office again and being elected. The people are tired of  crime in streets,  crooked politicians, prostitution. For them, democracy isn’t what it was  cracked up to be.
The truth is America has struggled with the same things.  It’s the ‘freedom isn’t free’ thing. In order for our freedom to work, we MUST  have laws, and the officers to enforce them. Otherwise, the evil will overwhelm  the good, EVERY SINGLE TIME. (Lord of the Flies). There is  NO WAY mankind can ever create a perfect society on earth. There will  always have to be people above the rest of us, and people to enforce the will of  the people above us, so that the criminal element cannot completely  takeover. But nothing stops the people on top from having very nice  things for themselves while the rest of everybody struggles to get by the best  they can as part of the huddled masses. Think of every group that has  ever tried this. Not just America and Russia with democracy. Here are  some others: Jim Jones the Koolaide guy, Rev. Sun Moon, the Mormons who  settled in Utah, even the Christian Church itself. Oh, yes.
Jesus taught about equality; nobody better than anybody  else (all are sinners); He spoke of the rich giving to the poor. In the  beginning, the people tried it. But even among ‘the beloved’ there were those  who bent the rules, others who complained when the food was  rationed out. Then the food began to run out, the money, too. The rich  were scrambling for what to do and the poor were bitterly complaining. They  expected the rich to have an unending supply, but they didn’t. In Jerusalem,  the rich had sold out everything they had and gave the  money to support the whole church. Since everybody thought Jesus was coming  back almost any day,  this seemed like a great idea. They could spend their  time praying, singing, eating, drinking and being merry. Paul took up  offerings all over Asia to send to the starving church of  Jerusalem Believers. The Church came to realize it was best if everyone  stayed in their same circumstances, the wealthy should continue in business and  give to help the poor and to finance the travelers who felt called to ‘go into  all the world and preach the gospel’.  The poor were also expected to  work. (He that does not work, does not eat.) 
My son and I were in a deep conversation some time ago about the  failings of every church situation I have ever been involved in. Every single  one of them was messed up to one degree or the other. He said this, “Every idea  for any benevolent organization is good. But when you add the people, that’s  what messes it up, every time.”  The rules are good. The idea is sound, but  when people start running it, and others join it, it is immediately contaminated  with human frailty, even if the organization is a church. And, this is  not counting the interference from the devil, which is always there to make  sure things are messed up!
The Communists were not so wrong. So were the others  who wanted a place where all people could live together in harmony.  They named their towns Utopia and Paradise. It’s a noble idea. But one that  will NEVER be accomplished until Jesus comes and sets up His kingdom and  defeats all his enemies forever. Then, we can all live as children of the King  of the Universe, and we will truly have His laws written on our hearts. No  person will ever hurt another person, commit a criminal act, or do anything of  that kind. All will be peace and love forever more.   
Listen to carefully these words:
Charlene  Reams Manning
Believer  in the Lord Jesus Messiah
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