Step by Step

Weekly Sabbath  Survey
Step by Step  —   2-1-14
The prospect of herd quitting is rolling around among us and has been  a theme revisited by me many times over the years. There were various terms used  or ways of expressing this thing God is doing among us as the years went by.  “Out of the synagogue” was I think, the first one. But anyway you say it,  our Lord is leading all who listen to a better way. He is re-shaping individuals  (more time on the Potter’s Wheel) and in that process remolding the Remnant.  Step by step.
In former times Remnant people were scattered around in various  congregations here and there, being a little ‘Light to the Gentiles.’ Now, we  are beginning to seek out like-minded people for a closer fellowship and the  real ‘community’ Believers should have with one another. Everywhere it says  “one another” in the New Testament, we are being told what to do or not do  to/with each other. Love one another. Encourage one another. Do not bite and  devour one another. Be at peace with one another. The list goes on and on.
Years have gone by since I was “out of the synagogue” for my exuberant  behavior in my denominational church. I got zapped by the Lord  and got excited about my Born Again life. It seemed odd that my family was being  criticized for being so happy, for hugging other parishioners  affectionately. Since that time, I have gone step by step to where I am now as a  full blown Herd Quitter. Charlie has left the building (kinda like Elvis!).  There were no screaming, cheering fans each time I have moved on out. That first  time, there was an elder in the church who loved me and my family. He was  aggravated at the treatment we had received. In the Board Meeting when our  letters of resignation as Deacon and Treasurer was read, he remarked, “Well,  there goes X thousands dollars a year out the door.” I was glad we were valued  for something, even if it was our money. I remained friends with that man.  He was a spiritual father to me, the rest of his life. He taught us about  giving.
So, any time we move out and up, it won’t be with much of a good send off.  More like “Thank God and Greyhound she’s gone.”  Paul caused trouble  just about everywhere he went. Or, maybe it should be said that Truth causes  problems everywhere it goes. God keeps us where we are for season, then moves us  along, another step up, until one day, our hope is to step through the veil for  sure and into the throne room of God, passed from life to LIFE. .
My purpose today is to say that herd quitting is a step by step process. We  should do what God is telling us, not what someone else says or does. The main  thing is to be open to hear the Lord when He speaks to you. Do what He says.  Follow Him. There will be Herd Quitters at various stages until Jesus returns.  We must accept and love one another whether that other person is a step or two  ahead of us or coming up behind us. We are all hearing the same “get ready”  voice in our hearts.
Not long ago my heart was blessed by some dear old friends. Over the  years we have loved one another and they have supported me personally even  when they did not understand what was going on with me. I have seen them  grow as the Lord took them along. I think this couple is learning  to hear truth and is doing what the Lord has said to them personally.  This is what they wrote to me:
    We are herd quitters too, but not the way you  are.  We quit running from church to church and
    meeting to meeting looking for the next  anointing.  We settled down in a body of Believers who
    love and care for one another, believe the full  council of God and attempt to follow His teachings. 
    Nor is anyone trying to tell the others what to  do. 
I don’t want other people to be like me. I want them to be like Jesus.  He has many facets and it takes a lot of us to express them all. Each of us  brings that little part of Him to make the whole Body. I hope there are  others among my readers who will eat the hay and spit out the sticks of what I  say. One man’s ‘sticks’ may be another man’s manna. Many times as babies we spit  out new food introduced to us. Too funny tasting, too scratchy to the pallet,  whatever. But as we grow up we begin to eat a better variety of foods. Some of  us may never come to like broccoli or cottage cheese, but we can all handle some  adult food. The main thing is to be sure we eat the MEAT of God’s Word. The Word  is milk for babies, bread for people who are growing up in their understanding,  and meat for the person who has cut his molars. Step by step.
The good soil represents the hearts of those who truly  accept God’s word and produce a harvest from it, thirty, sixty or even a hundred  times more than what was planted in their hearts.   Mark 4:20  (Paraphrased) 
Charlene  Reams Manning
Believer  in the Lord Jesus Messiah
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