Weekly Sabbath  Survey
Celebrate  —   11-16-13
Philosophers, poets, preachers, over the span of  many years have instructed us on how life should be lived. As I  was giving some thought to the various ways of approaching life with all its  pitfalls, disappointments, devilment, and tedium, I wondered if there was a  purely sunny-side-up way to live our years on Earth with some modicum of  happiness and without being bored ever.  Boredom and restlessness is the  cause of many a prodigal to leave home/family/faith, making a VERY big  mistake.
The word ‘celebrate’ came to mind. If we are in a celebration of life mode,  it leaves less room for all the things that make us unhappy. In my own  adult life there have been periods of unhappiness, lasting from a few  minutes to days or months. So what if I just chose to make life a sort of  constant celebration? These are some ways that came to mind:
1) Celebrate dawn like a chicken. The rooster begins the  day by sounding the trumpet. Like the Town Cryer of old, he announces every new  day. Cock-a-doodle-do. It is 4:00 AM. The ladies of the flock, begin  with a soft song, the words known only to them. They prepare for the  day to hit the deck running at first light, and begin the search for little  night critters who didn’t make it back to their hiding place. 
If we would celebrate dawn like the birds, we would rise from sleep  with joy in our hearts and begin the day by finding morsels of spiritual  food in our Bible or other reading. The ‘eggs’ we come up with are  spiritual nutrition which benefits others when we share.  
2) Celebrate the day like a dog. Our dogs are  creatures of routine. They begin by eating breakfast at the same time every  day. Then, they, go with us to tend the chickens, take frequent naps, and greet  visitors with great excitement. Other highlights are barking at the deer outside  their fence, and a good neighborhood barkoff with the Cocker Spaniel behind  us and the Rottie and Poodle beside us. What joy! barking with their friends  like a bunch people screaming at a football game. They also love a  squirrel hunt and do this activity at least once a day, with extreme barking and  running in and out to tell us, even if there isn’t a squirrel — they just  thought they saw one. If you look up ‘enthusiasm’ in the dictionary, you  may find a picture of a Boston Terrier.
If we would celebrate the day like the dogs, taking pleasure in a routine  we have done over and over, we would be way ahead in the search for  contentment. We don’t become restless because of our same-same life, but  because we are not thankful for what we have. We want more or different, always  sure some new thing or a change of pace will make us happy.  If it ever  does, the happiness is short-lived. 
3) Celebrate life like a cat. Only with abuse or  upset in routine is the cat’s calm demeanor and molasses movement  disturbed. They stroll along, conserving energy and don’t attach  themselves to people too fondly, They are always in charge of their time  and activities. They are not eager to please anybody. Even as long as cats have  been domesticated, they are still wild under that peaceful exterior. I have  watched a cat in the yard crouch and move slowly along through the high grass  next to the fence and could almost see her fantasying about hunting in the  jungle like her ancestors. I have also seen a friend’s cat who is never let  outside sit on the kitchen table and watch the birds in the yard  with those same ‘hunter’ eyes. Pity the mouse or bird who cannot escape  their notice. 
If we would celebrate life like the cats we would take life easy, not  get too bothered by what those around us are doing, keep a sharp eye on our  environment and take naps as often as possible. While we are likeable and  friendly on the outside, we must have a little of that strong and  indefatigably wild spirit in us that made heroes out of ordinary people in  the Bible and throughout human history. 
May the grace of the Lord Yeshua ha Meshia, and the love  of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all.  2  Corinthians 13:14  
Charlene  Reams Manning
Believer  in the Lord Jesus Messiah
Forward any WSS  you feel has merit. (without changes, please)  
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