Herd Quitters

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Herd Quitters  
Since meeting  my cattleman/preacher friend Kit Pharo, I have been referring to  myself as a “herd quitter.” Kit’s definition of a Herd Quitter is  someone who has the courage to break away from the status quo herd  mentality way of thinking. His theory for successful ranching is to try to see  things from another angle in order to make your ranching business more  profitable: Do something you never did before so you can get results  you never got before.
I see this as perfectly applicable to the ‘herd’ mentality church  going Christians have developed over much time. I am not disparaging the  flock of Jesus, but I am referring to an almost robotic mind set in some of  us. We need to hear from God all the time for what we should be  doing:  correcting and developing in our faith to be successful  in ministry pursuits and more so in our personal walk with God.
There’s a problem because we have collected ourselves into  “herds.” We call them “denominations.”  Within the herd, everything  must be done according to herd rules and nobody is to suggest or do  anything different, even if what is being done is contrary to what the Bible  says. Some of the rules handed down from headquarters are based on what  today’s way of thinking has become. This is dangerous ground for having a social  gospel dictated to the entire herd whether they want it or not, whether they  believe it or not. 
Another problem for various herds is that every time we  discover some activity or plan that is successful, we want to continue with  that way of thinking and doing long after it has been time to move on. In  fact, we keep some things so long, we deem them as holy and sacred when they are  NOT. It is no secret that many denominational organizations are dwindling  in numbers. The Herd Quitters have left the building. We may think it means  people are walking out on the Lord, but many are just weary of the herd  mentality.
Truly, we are in a special time in human history to be making course  corrections in how we do the Christian faith,  but the changes must take us toward, and not away from, the  Lord and His Word. We have two thousand years of walking an oblique angle  away from God. The further we went the further away we got from the  original model for that First Church in the Book of Acts. There have been times  of great correction. It always came with upheaval and a battle  hard fought. It was always denounced as “the devil” by the church men of power  of that day. One of the most cherished activities of any organization is  the work done for its preservation. People with new or even ‘old’ ideas are  seen as a threat. No reformer ever wanted to leave the herd. They were always  forced out. Jesus said to His truest friends and followers, “They will put you  out of the synagogue.”
Some people have discovered that any time two or three Believers get  together in Jesus’ name, He is there to make that gathering holy.  Stained glass windows, padded pews, thick carpets, ear splitting sound  systems, and below zero air conditioning doesn’t make any of it holy.   But if God is there, the place is holy because of His presence. Little  else is needed and anything less is unacceptable. This truth is very  dangerous for the organized church.
Some of you readers are in attendance at a building that has  everything with a congregation of thousands and a gifted, orator preacher.  Others meet in a modest little country building or a space in a shopping  mall, where a few neighbors meet to share the Lord. One of the  members will teach or preach to exhort the group to greater devotion to the  Lord. Then, there are those who meet in someone’s home for a very  informal house church, an unstructured service, and have meal  together. Whichever one we do, the thing that matters is the presence  of God. If He is there, all is well. If He isn’t, well, you know. . .  
I thank God for Martin Luther, John Wesley, Alexander  Campbell, and all the others sent by Him to stir up our nest and  get us to thinking and praying apart from the crowd  mentality. And I thank Him for all the herd  quitters who have chosen to follow the Lord on another path that takes them away  from the herd. 
. . . Work out your own salvation (deliverance) with fear  and trembling. Philippians 2:12
Charlene  Reams Manning
Believer  in the Lord Jesus Messiah
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