I Never Knew You

Weekly Sabbath  Survey
I Never Knew You   —  10-12-13
One of the most amazing things Jesus said  is, at the judgment seat, some people are going to say to Him, 
“In your name, I cast out devils,”  and Jesus will say to them, “I never knew you.”  Leonard Ravenhill
In some circles, we hear this Scripture  referred to often, mostly in the context of “I don’t want to be one of those  people.”  These would be people who have attended church, followed the  teachings, thought themselves to be righteous, but somehow, they were not. If we  have done what we know, what we are taught, jumped through all the  denominational hoops, is it still possible to still miss the boat that  takes us over Jordan?  If this word from the Lord, can be believed, the  answer is YES! He can say, “I never knew you.”
So I have wondered since it appears that we might THINK we are fine but are  not, how can we avoid that pitfall?  How can we be sure that we are not in  that group who will stand before the Lord in eternity and not be accepted by  Him.  As I have pondered this over and over, I have come to understand the  key word here is KNEW.  We talk a lot about us  knowing the Lord.  We ask people, “Do you know Jesus?”  But  a person can answer “Yes” and still not be okay. How is that?
I got a picture in my mind of knowing Jesus the way we know the President  or a football hero or a great screen actress. We know what they look like from  TV, may have seen them in person. We admire them, follow them, recognize them  when we see them or a picture of them. We may mimic their habits or manner  of speech or dress in their style. But this only makes us part of  their Fan Club. We know them, but they have no idea who we are.
Now, think about knowing Jesus THAT WAY. It’s easy to be part of His  fan club, to mimic His life, to talk His talk, even to read His  book. But the crucial part of all that is the part where HE KNOWS  ME. As much as we want to KNOW Him, He wants more to know us. This word in Greek  means Jesus wants to know us in a very personal, intimate way: He wants  to understand us, to perceive us, to communicate with us, even be a part of  us.
Paul gave a heart’s cry to know Him, which can also be a plea for the  Lord to know him. It’s Philippians 3:10. Back in the day, we sang it this  way: 
That I may KNOW Him, KNOW the wonder of His person, the glory of His  presence, and His resurrection power. That I may KNOW Him, fellowshipping  with His suffering, being made conformable unto His death.
Paul wanted to get up close and personal with the Lord. He was ready  to die for Him, and along with many of the First Century saints, did so. 
We may ask ourselves, How can I know that He knows me?  I think it’s  fairly simple. You just know. If you have to ask, then the answer is  likely, He doesn’t know you. You need to go further and deeper in your  relationship with Him. Find one of the ‘sold out to Jesus’ people in your circle  of acquaintance and ask them to help you work this through.  Also,  see Psalm 51.
Many will say to me in That Day, “Lord, Lord, have we  not prophesied in your name? And in your name we have cast out devils and did  many wonderful works?” And I will tell them plainly, I never knew you: get away  from me, you that work in lawlessness.”  Matthew 7:22-23
Charlene  Reams Manning
Believer  in the Lord Jesus Messiah
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