On God’s Side

Weekly  Sabbath Survey

On God’s Side   —  9-14-13
Some of us senior citizens were born into or grew up in a time of  war. I was born near the end of WW2, but before the Normandy Invasion that my  Daddy participated in. I was about 6 months old when he jumped into 30 feet of  water and swam to Omaha Beach on the coast of France. He carried a full 40  pound pack, an M-1 rifle, and was wearing combat boots. Some of these guys  never made it to shore. Some were killed by enemy fire,  others drowned.  My Daddy’s uncle Ben McLaughlin served in WW1,  which didn’t seem that far away to my Daddy’s family, when WW2 came  along. American Indians stood in line to register for the draft. Some  got tired of waiting to be called up and volunteered like my Daddy.  One newly minted Indian soldier commented, “Since when does the  Blackfeet Indian have to be drafted to defend our nation, our homes  and our families?”  At Powwows today, veterans are always honored.  
In both World Wars, the Allies believed God was on their side. The  Germans were a “Christian” nation, but their aggression and cruelty  against neighboring countries and systematic killing of innocents  seemed to suggest an unrighteous cause. In today’s world, it is hard to identify  right from wrong. We have defended un-Christian nations against aggressors, with  a degree of success at times and at other times whopping failure. It makes  one wonder, is God still on our side?
There are pacifist groups in America and elsewhere, who say that we are an aggressor  nation and should not enter into the affairs of other nations. As we  matured as a society and gained world power status, our elected officials  and many in the general population have perceived us as a kind of  police force, ‘arresting’ nations for their abuses of their own people  or rattling the sword at the rest of us. And, our true motives  may have been more of an economic consideration at times than a peace mission.  We opened our borders to others who have come in by the millions. At first,  they were happy to get a new life, adopt a new nationality, and learn  English. Lately, they sign up for welfare, free school lunches,  and Social Security if they are 65. Many express their hate for the  country which supplies this aid to them. 
Our experiment in social engineering in other countries through military  and humanitarian efforts has failed miserably. Especially when their  religion is very different from the Judeo-Christian foundation American culture  was based on. We want to believe that every human heart wants our  definition of ‘freedom’.  But they don’t. They have their own agendas, some  very different from ours. Jesus predicted wars and rumors of wars and we have it  just like He said.  But Him saying there will be wars doesn’t  mean we have to be in all of them!  We want the rest of the world to  see us as ‘the good guys.’  But some never will.
Moses stood in the gate of the camp, and said, “Who is on the Lord’s side?  Let him come unto me.” And all the sons of Levi gathered themselves together  unto him. (Exodus 32:26). There were 12 tribes of Israel. Only one answered the  invitation of Moses. Notice the difference in the appeal from what we might  say.  He didn’t say, “God is on our side.”  He asked who was  on God’s side.
As the countdown to Armageddon continues, America seems out of Christian  control. We no longer epouse the beliefs that once marked us as a nation. People  in government and other leadership are so corrupt it is a sham at every level,  from the White House to the Church House. Where might Diogenes find an honest  man among us? With things the way they are, Christian Believers should put  our focus on being on God’s side. It could be a lost cause to try  to pray this declining nation back into the fold at this late  hour.  For me, foreign wars that we seem unable or  unwilling to win have really lost their ‘shine.’ 
Being on the Lord´s side is taking His sword [the Bible] and  using it to combat the forces of unbelief, putting down all doubts and fears. It  means standing true to God and His Word no matter what the crowd does; no matter  how faithless our friends become; no matter how worldly our dearest loved ones  are. We must step out and declare, “I am on the Lord´s side! I come out against  all attacks on the majesty and faithfulness of our God!” –   David Wilkerson  
Charlene  Reams Manning
Believer  in the Lord Jesus Messiah
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