Show Them the Pigs

Weekly Sabbath Survey
Show Them the Pigs  —  9-7-13
One of the things I have heard repeatedly over the years, is mothers pleading for their grown children.  It’s in varying degrees depending on what the children are doing and whether they acknowledge God or not. Some mothers are standing in prayer for their kids’ salvation. Others believe their children are saved, but are living at some lower level because they do not live their faith. People who live by faith are blessed above those who do not. It is that simple. It’s as if blessing is in the center of a certain place and only those who live in the center are truly blessed. For those on the outer edges of that place, the blessings are fewer and farther between. They are just not close enough to the center to catch many of the blessings that radiate from that glorious place. We put ourselves in places where there is little or no blessing. 
One way to avoid being blessed is to deny God’s right of ownership over you. The person claims to know the Lord, but cares nothing for His Book, His ways, His plans and His people. The unblessed one doesn’t belong to Him because he/she is in charge of themselves, refusing to let God OWN them. 
These poor souls have been rejected and wounded and feel very alone. They look for a place to fit in. They even compromise their standard of Bible righteousness in order to fit in. It feels good at first to be so easily accepted. But an ever-growing rift between the person and the Lord leads to a loneliness worse than any they ever felt before. Bereft of Believer friends with Godly counsel and holy fellowship, the person will inevitably fall into the profound despair and hopelessness of faith diminished, as demonic forces surround them everywhere they turn.
The extreme Biblical example is the story of the ‘prodigal’ son. That word means something like “rich and spoiled.”  This is a perfect description of American youth today. We have indulged our children for two-three generations now, and it shows. More are walking out on God than ever, if the cries of their parents are to be believed. They all want to figure everything out for themselves. Many of my generation chose to stay close with their parents for a number of years, to draw on their wisdom and have their support, even to care for them when they got old. Now the grandchildren of my generation are practically running away from home before the ink is dry on their high school diploma. Their parents stay in touch by sending money.
The rich and spoiled young man in prodigal story, took his inheritance and flew to Vegas. There, he gambled and spent money on his new found friends, ordered room service, and hired prostitutes until he was flat broke. The friends left about the same time the money ran out. He got a job with a Gentile Hog Farmer. He wasn’t treated very well, to the point he was so starved, he thought of eating the household leftovers —  the spoiled food and soured milk the farmer provided to feed the pigs.
This nice Jewish boy is in a pig sty, considering eating from the pigs’ slop bucket. It doesn’t get much worse than this. [FYI: To the Jews then and now, the swine is the most detestable unclean animal of them all. Worse than buzzards.]  But while he was lying there weak and maybe sick from all he had done to himself, he thought of his father. He realized the terrible wrong he had done and the awful place he was in now because of it. God must have heard his father’s prayers and opened his eyes to SEE the pigs. That is when he realized where he was and what he had done. But at the same time, he knew his father’s kindness, and believed that he could go home, even if it was just to be a servant in his father’s house. 
Our ‘sermons’ and judgmental rants, tough love, and even our tearful pleading does little to pierce the cloak of heaviness that has enveloped and trapped our sons and daughters. There are a number of ways to pray for our wayward children, depending on what is going on with them, We can pray for deliverance from whatever is holding them captive, for them to be convicted of sin and convinced of the joys of living in righteousness. We all pray most every way we can think of. But the bottom line desperate prayer for some will be:
                                    “O Lord, my God, show them the pigs!” 
Far away, the father saw his son coming down the road, and ran to meet him. Luke 15:11-24 
Charlene Reams Manning
Believer in the Lord Jesus Messiah
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