The Purified Heart

Weekly Sabbath Survey
The Purified Heart  —  8-24-13
Create in me a clean (pure) heart, O God, and renew a right (faithful) spirit within me. Do not cast me away from your presence nor take your Holy Spirit from me.  Psalm 51:10-11

Not long ago, Tony and I were with friends in an informal setting. We do this often, eat a meal and talk of many various subjects from the global slide into chaos in every area of man’s existence to the things in our own personal lives that might be pertinent at the time. I don’t remember how I began to revisit my past, but I was recalling, and in that context, said things about another person that were true, but unkind. Maybe because my friends don’t know the person, I was too comfortable speaking freely. I have often called this type of communication “giving another person’s testimony.”  It is one thing to revisit my own past sins when talking with others, but quite another to fill their ears with the misdeeds of someone else.
Later as we continued, we sang some favorite hymns. During that worship time, the Holy Spirit made me know what I had done. I said bad things about someone I once knew in very close fellowship, and still profess to “love.” The Bible says ‘love covers a multitude of sin.” But I had clearly exposed the sin of another person. Even if that person never knows what I said, never meets my friends who heard it, I am left open to the harm of my own character/integrity possibly being judged in the minds of the hearers. And rightly so!  It’s that old saying about throwing mud at another person always results in getting some on yourself. As prayer time followed the worship, I confessed my sin to the Lord out loud. It wasn’t a mistake. It wasn’t a thoughtless misstep. Jesus didn’t die for our mistakes or missteps. He died for our SINS. 
Days later, another friend who knew nothing of that evening sent an e-mail message of encouragement with the Scripture quoted here above, and this observation he shared:
        All Believers need God’s Spirit to create in them a pure heart that hates sin, and a renewed spirit that desires to do God’s Will. Only God can recreate and restore us to true Godliness.
        David knew that if God removes His Holy Spirit’s convicting and reproving work from our lives, then all hope will be gone.   ~Don Barr
David, a man after God’s own heart, had sinned horribly. Once deeply convicted of this sin, he repented and wrote Psalm 51 to memorialize forever this one experience with God. It has stood the test of time for what the Lord really wants from us. Verse 6 states that He desires truth in our inward parts, in that hidden place deep inside of us, He will teach us wisdom in these matters.
When we are Born Again this kind of renewing deep down happens to us at that time. Some might think this once is enough. But that is never the case. While we stay in this world and live in this flesh, there will always be opportunities to sin and repent. Our renewal is a process that goes on and on. The problem is that many of us who have been one of God’s Righteous People for a long time, get comfortable in our ‘favored servant’ status and we run the risk of making it difficult for the Holy Spirit to correct us.
        Here’s more from another friend:  Pride blocks us from seeing any evil we do against God and to others, as wrong. Pride keeps us from accountability for our sin, and makes us think if we just smile and be a little nicer the next we see that person, everything is okay. Pride keeps us from repenting and asking forgiveness, so our relationships with God and other people are made right.  —Geri McGhee
We could ask ourself this question: How long has it been since I felt a twinge of guilt over anything? If it happens, how do I respond? Some would encourage me to stand against the devil, the accuser of the Believers. But what if that feeling is coming from God Himself and not the enemy? If we are walking daily with the Lord staying connected to Him in prayer and the Bible, odds are, the voice is His. I once heard a very high profile in the public eye Christian say to his audience:  You may be thinking, “This guy is making me feel guilty.” Well, here’s some news for you — you don’t feel guilty, your ARE guilty.
Let us pray like David, repenting when we ARE guilty, and allow others to do the same, rather than excusing our sin or theirs without any repentance. This is the only way to a purified heart. I repeat . . . this process goes on and on until we leave this world for worlds unknown.  
Charlene Reams Manning
Believer in the Lord Jesus Messiah



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