Women in Ministry

Weekly  Sabbath Survey

Women in Ministry   —  7-13-13
About 30  years ago, the Lord called me into ministry.  My denomination had women preachers, so I had never  heard women can’t do that. I was shocked and hurt when the  opposition came on strong against me. I learned later that women  are part of ‘The Priesthood of the Believer’ and we are all  ‘called’ to the ministry. Also, it was a time when God was calling  women to stand shoulder to shoulder with the men, fighting the  good fight of faith. There were only a few women then  who were blazing the trails for us.
The calling on women is sometimes still  difficult. The ministry is sort of a good ol’ boys club, even  now. Only a few still stand on the ‘women can’t teach men’ thing, but the  disdain for us pops us again and again. And   there is another disturbing  line of thinking that is even more bothersome for women who are still going  to ‘the building.’  With the pastors firmly ensconced in the unbiblical  role of “in charge of everything” any woman who runs afoul of him, or shows  herself more spiritual than him, more insightful, a better prayer warrior, or  the worst, a better preacher/teacher — that woman is branded with  that most unholy name: Jezebel. Every woman who will not  be controlled by the pastor is a Jezebel. I have wondered why that is.   Where did this ‘Spirit of Jezebel’ teaching come from? I was going  through my files of articles I have clipped from here and there,  and came across something that explains it perfectly,
This following is excerpted from the September 1985 issue of Women  in Leadership. It is written by Anne Gimenez, a trail  blazing woman, co-founder with her husband of Rock  Church in Virginia. They ministered together, side by side, until his  death a few years ago. 
This is our day as godly women to touch the world and be recognized as  vital participants in the Kingdom of God. He spoke to my heart saying, “It  is the time to throw off the reproach of Eve.”  I pondered this as I  had never heard the expression before. “The Reproach of Eve” —  we  women have all been affected by it. Every woman knows, as soon as she can  understand the meaning of boy and girl, that somehow she is perceived to be the  lesser. In every country and every culture it is perceived that women are  somehow weaker, less capable and not as intelligent as their male  counterpart.  We should have known Satan would devise some way to discredit  the woman.  For God said to Satan . . . “from now on you and the woman  will be enemies.”  [Genesis 3:16]
Paul said, “Death came into the world because of what one man (Adam)  did and it is because of what this other man (Jesus) has done that there is now  the resurrection from the dead.”  [1 Corinthians 15:21] The woman was not  alone in her sin. They both sinned. 
Woman are dangerous to Satan’s kingdom. There were fooled once, and now  they are prone to recognize his devices. They spot him afar off. Women have  the capacity for discernment and this causes Satan’s hatred to be manifested  toward them all the more. We have all experienced “knowing something” and  not really being able to explain just how we “know.” 
Woman have characteristics that make them vital to the Body of  Christ. Women are not willing to give up once they commit themselves. They tend  to be vocal when they have been touched by the Spirit of God. They want everyone  to know.  Women are willing to sacrifice. Like the woman with the alabaster  box, they want to sit at the feet of Jesus and weep, unconcerned with personal  cost. Women will rise in a time of national crisis. Like Esther, even  at times putting their own lives in peril.  
Godly women are no less today. They can and will affect, educate,  mobilize, encourage, and be role models for  others.  (See Anne giving testimony:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y44NOHcr6Sw)
Hear this people of God: We women don’t fight the men,  we are fighting that same ol’ snake, the devil.  
Charlene  Reams Manning
Believer  in the Lord Jesus Messiah 

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