Who Are You?

Weekly Sabbath  Survey
Who Are You?  —   6-29-13
It helps me to understand humanity by using categories that can be found in  Scripture, our own culture’s proverbial sayings and so forth. One that comes to  mind is “There are three kinds of people born on Earth.  Some are born  leaders, some are born followers, and some are just born.”   Wow. Heavy, huh?
Here are another three categories that characterize people. Maybe  you can see who you are in this, and if you need to, make changes.. These  designations are valid pigeon holes to put ourselves into:
1.  The Victim.  This is the person  who views himself/herself as someone that family, friends, or  fate have messed with and wounded. They are hurt. Angry. They cling to the  injustices done, and are constantly ‘licking their wounds’ reminding  themselves of how badly they have been abused. They may become loners  because their friends abandon them for others with a more cheerful disposition  and something else to talk about other than their evil  ex-husband, ungrateful children, or unhealed diseases.
2.  The Survivor.  This person was a Victim, but  has moved past that hurting stage. They are healing, but they still  identify with the various crimes, ill treatment and/or medical problems they  have endured. They are more out going than the  Victim, choosing to allow themselves a measure of happiness in spite of the  bad things. They may still be unforgiving, but have begun to  relinquish the anger.
3.  The Overcomer.  This person has figured out  they are nobody’s VICTIM. They refuse the victim mentality. They tell  themselves and others they learned more from the (bad thing) than they would if  the circumstances had been more pleasant. They refuse the ‘survivor’ label which  refers back to what happened rather than going forward. This is a level hard to  attain if you are not a Believer in Jesus.
When Overcomer status is achieved, the bitterness, the  anger go away. It is easier to forgive quickly when a new hurt  happens. Our heart is not comfortable with the poison of resentment and rage. We  will go to the Lord to get that thorn out so we can move on with the  goodness to be found in life. Moving far past the injustices done to us,  requires FORGIVENESS. Unforgiveness keeps us stuck, moving back  and forth between Survivor and Victim. Any new insult done will make  the bitterness flare up.  Every time we go into Victim mode, it  sets us back and we have to do the steps again. It gets easier all the  time.  
I was very stuck in unforgiveness a one point in my life. I was  in Victim mode when I realized that the hurts done  were calculated, done on purpose, a mind game with no rules. I  was highly incensed and outraged. If there had been a uniform for victims I  would have gotten one. It took a couple of years and a lot of help from  my  Christians friends to get over the homicidal feelings I had for this ONE  person. The Lord began to reveal the whole victim role as a place where the  devil wants to hold us all captive. I stepped into the Survivor level, and  began to ask God to help me forgive. One day I sitting in meditation with  my Bible. My thoughts turned to the person who, unbeknownst to anyone by  this time, lurked around in the corners of my mind. The Lord spoke to me that as  I had escaped the life of constant Victim, He wanted me to move on  to being a Survivor.  He said, From now on, I want you to  be an Overcomer. My life began to change drastically after that session  with the best psychiatric help money could never buy!  I got so tough,  it takes a lot to make me cry over what happens to me, and even harder  to get me depressed about it. Now, when I feel a little put upon, I remind  myself how far I’ve come, and move right past the first level. I evaluate over  a day or so in the Survivor mentality. Then, I move back to  Overcomer. I know I am there when the PEACE comes back.
There are entire ethnic entities that major on the Victim mentality.  Some ‘minorities’ cling to injustices done to their ancestors two-three hundred  or even several thousand years ago. They remain victims of whatever it was that  attacked or abused before they were born! Most of my Chickasaw people gave  up the whole Trail of Tears victim thing, plunged themselves into the white  man’s world. They prospered. They became cattle ranchers,  businessmen, builders, military heroes, authors,  entertainment and sports figures, even one astronaut. The rest of the  world’s minorities should stop whining and do the same.
For me, instead of singing the ‘Somebody Done Me Wrong’ song, my  testimony is one of victories over my own weaknesses, and the wickedness of  my own heart. If you are free in Jesus, you are free indeed.
They overcame [the devil] by the blood of the Lamb and by  the word of their testimony, and they loved not their lives unto the death.  Revelation 12:11
Charlene  Reams Manning
Believer  in the Lord Jesus Messiah
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