Soul Ties

Weekly  Sabbath Survey
Soul Ties  —   5-18-2013
A soul tie is the joining or knitting together of a relationship  that cannot be seen with the physical eye. However, if you could see as God sees  (as angels and demons see), you would see people linked/tied together in the  spirit realm. There are good and Godly soul ties just as there are evil and  ungodly. Because of this tied togetherness, people are connected to one  another on a spiritual level. Through this kind of connection, we are influenced  by the other person’s spirit, their addictions, sicknesses,  characteristics, ideas, habits, opinions and/or emotions.  Geri  McGhee
“Soul Tie” is a term that does not appear in  the Bible, at least not in the King James Version that I am most  familiar with. It is said in other ways.  I Samuel 18:1 says the soul  of Jonathan was “knit” to the soul of David. They were friends  who became like brothers. A soul tie is a spiritual connection between two  people.
The most familiar and all  encompassing soul tie we call “marriage.”  The two people become one in an  extreme bonding on every level. Paul wrote [1 Cor. 6:16] that when a  man commits fornication by joining himself to a pagan temple prostitute he  is made one with her as God said, ‘The two become one flesh.’  So during  physical intimacy, the soul tie happens even when the two people are not  married. Other less intimate types of bonding would be the ‘Best  Friend’ kind like David and Jonathan.  Some women made  friends with another little girl in grade school and they have remained friends  into old age. A person who mentors you in the Lord forms a soul tie  with you, a divine connection. It also happens in families between siblings  or other relatives. These are usually the good soul ties.
The other kind are the bad ones that Geri mentioned above. These  are “connections” that may or may not appear too harmful.  Most have a demonic spirit aspect nvolved. Years ago when I  was flying on the speaker circuit, the “Hari Krishnas” were working the  airports. For some reason they were not stopped from  harassing the public. I was aware of their  strange powers, and would not let them touch me if I could avoid  it. I called the name of Jesus out loud in one particular case. A  persistent young woman followed me halfway across DFW airport before I  could get away. When I spoke the name, “Jesus,” she said ‘Hari  Krishna’ 2-3 times. Her eyes looked kind of dead until she started  saying the name of her god. Then, her eyes sparkled with  electricity and looked sort of insane (think Charlie  Manson). I knew I was not looking at anything human. These people had  a demonic power to get people to give them money.
The Bible tells us to try the spirit of people we meet. We  should stop condemning ourselves for instantly disliking a new person,  and pray for discernment about feeling creepy and having an aversion  to a person. Determine if this is someone you don’t want to spend much  time with. Go with your instincts that are put in us by the Holy Spirit. Don’t  embrace strangers too closely, too quickly. (Shaking hands is a tough one,  but we can pray silently for protection when we don’t know who we are touching.)  There are harmful soul ties even in families and church people. If  you feel like you don’t want to be around the person, it may be a bad soul  tie. All ties, good or bad are super hard to break because it  has spiritual power. Once you know you need to make a break, do  it quickly and stick with your decision. (This may not be  easy!)
The Scriptures tell us, not to form alliances with an  unbeliever, a person who is not saved. Christian people who pick  unbelievers for best friends, business partners, or especially in marriage have  made a soul tie with the person and whatever spirit they may have in them.  It can be a tough time for the Believer until the other person gets saved  or the relationship ends. It will take compromising to keep going  in the relationship. We can and should befriend unbelievers, help them  if we can, always gently telling them about our faith and salvation in the  cross of Jesus, but always keeping ourselves from any devilish thing about them.  If they are influencing us more than we are them, it’s time to move  on. Break the soul tie.
From time to time even the most careful among us may “pick  up” something from people at work or unsaved family. When we are made aware  of it, we must pray and ask others to pray for us to be delivered from  anything that is not of God. It may be something demonic  with the soul tie or could be just an undesirable habit we need to  shake. 
You must not ever become unequally yoked with unbelievers:  for who would knowingly mix righteousness with iniquity, or who would mix  fellowship in The Light with darkness? 
2 Corinthians 6:14  Power New Testament 
Charlene  Reams Manning
Believer  in the Lord Jesus Messiah 

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