To-Do List

Weekly Sabbath  Survey
To-Do List  —   4-27-13
Have you ever wondered how our life here, waiting for the Lord’s  return, might be summed up?  Just what all is it that we need  to be doing?  Besides making a living, caring for our children and  other family, what should we be doing in and for the Lord? 
I was in my regular reading recently and came across this To-Do list  from Paul to the Thessalonians.  It has made me realize that not much  has changed from the time of those first Jewish Believers in The Way.  We still have the problems of the human condition, and we still have those who  do not regard themselves as ‘ministers.’
Paul is writing to that group among us. I think it’s safe to say that if we  are not ministers to and in the congregation, in the sense of the Five-Fold  ministry, then we are squarely in the office of “Witness.” As in, “You  shall be My Witnesses in the town where you are now, then in the  states around you, and ultimately into the furthest places on the Earth.”  [Acts 1:8]  
No matter how unpolished or ill-educated we are, all of us who know the  Lord Jesus can tell others what we have seen, what has happened to us.  This is what a Witness does.  It was the Witnesses, not the Apostles,  Prophets, Pastor/Teachers, not even the Evangelists (Missionaries), who turned a  pesky little sect in B.C. Judaism into a major world-wide belief and faith. It  was the person with an experience, the Witness, who convinced others  to believe. The Samaritan woman at the well was a perfect example. She  ran and told everyone about this man she met who could look right through  you into your very soul. It made others want to see Him. It was the pattern Paul  used to found congregations all over Asia. He stayed long enough to get a  few saved and baptized. He helped select the leaders/elders to serve among  them.  Then, he left. It was the Witnesses who worked and increased their  numbers afterward that.
After reading this passage several times, I realized it really does cover  all the bases. And it’s a good reminder, in case Paul’s readers (which  includes us, 21 centuries later!), may have forgotten some things along the  way. I thought it might bless you the way it did me.  Paul is speaking to  the Witnesses:
            Cherish  those who do the work of the ministry among you, who direct you in the  Lord,
            and  admonish you. Regard them most highly in love because of their work. You  must
            habitually  keep the peace among yourselves. And we urge you, you must admonish
            the  disorderly and constantly encourage the discouraged, continually help the  weak,
            and  you must always be patient with everyone.
            Always  be rejoicing. You must pray unceasingly, you must continually give thanks  in
            every  situation: for this is the will of YHVH in Messiah Yeshua for you.  You  must make
            a  habit of never ever quenching the Holy Spirit, and must continually not ever  despise
            the  ministry gifts of the Holy Spirit among you, but you must always constantly  prove
            all  things; you must incessantly hold fast to good, you must faithfully keep  yourselves
            away  from every form of  evil.        
            The  God of Peace Himself purify you all completely in all respects, and would He  keep
            your  spirit and inner being and body blamelessly whole, with no part unsound, for the 
            coming  of the Lord our Yeshua Messiah. The One who calls you is faithful, Who  also
            will  do what He has said.
            Greet  all the brothers and sisters with a holy kiss. I solemnly charge you in the name  of
            the  Lord to share this letter abroad to others. The grace of our Lord Yeshua  Messiah be
            with  you.
            I  Thessalonians 5:12-28  —  The Power New Testament

Charlene  Reams Manning
Believer  in the Lord Jesus Messiah 

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